There are a few illuminating signs that remind us where we’re from. Regardless of where it is, there’s always something. In Oakville, there’s a significant list of bold telltale signs that you know the town, and its residents, like the back of your hand.

These are the signs that set your hometown apart. You grew up with them, immediately know them to be true, and in many ways can be proud of the fact that only a true Oakvillian can recognize them. Born and raised in Oakville? Check these out.

1. You were always told Kerr street was to be avoided, and "ghetto", but realized upon growing up that it's a completely regular street with actually great cafes.

 2. You're still waiting for Oakville Place to get some decent stores. (Pusateri's... SO SOON!)

 3. Downtown Oakville was your middle school hangout spot, for whatever reason (Starbucks).

 4. Stoney's is a way of life, duh.

 5. You've heard Oakville referred to as "the bubble".

 6. You know some people really stick to the "bubble", and have grave misconceptions about Toronto or anything outside of Oakville really.

 7. There's still a great sense of pride for your high school, because you know the various rivalries will never die down.

 8. You know the "nicknames" given to each high school, and the (often false) reputation of the people that go to them.

 9. Why do people still go to Midnight Madness?

 10. You have nostalgia about the Waterfront festival, and sort of wish it would come back. Karl Wolf anyone?

 11. Appleby College looks like a full-fledged university. STA is a close second with its new renovations. Either way, you wish you went to one.

 12. You obsessively used "ways" to communicate at some point, or "chate", and non-Oakvillians have zero clue what you're referring to.

 13. The King's Arms is THE bar, you don't go anywhere else -- but who would want to?

 14. When you come home, King's is where you end up even if you said you wouldn't (see above).

 15. The new nightclub in Burlington is way too exciting. Who needs downtown Toronto?

 16. You've had hangover brunch at Harper's Landing or Sunset Grill, more than once, and it was blessed.

 17. You find comfort in the fact that everyone you went to school with still calls Oakville home.

 18. No one does house parties, or bush parties like Oakville. NO ONE.

 19. Even if you're out of town, you'll always come back to Monastery Bakery because they have the best EVERYTHING.

 20. A high percentage of people go to Western, Queens, or Laurier after high school. Facts.

 21. You probably know a celebrity, or their kids from high school.

 22. The cafe at the edge of downtown can't seem to stay the same for very long. Marilyn Monroe? Goldstar? PICK ONE AND STOP IT!

 23. Hanging out on the pier never got old, and you still go back, Starbucks in hand.

 24. When you tell people you're from Oakville, you always get a look and presumed facts about you.

 25. You love to hate on Oakville, but you also love to call it home. Admit it, sometimes you never want to leave.

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