The Student Learning Centre has changed the lives of every Ryerson student for the better. You can literally do anything here. Study. Hang out. Get pumpkin spiced lattes (provided that it's the right season). In fact, you're probably always spending time at the SLC or have friends who are always there.

With finals and exams coming up, you're bound to be spending even more time here. While the SLC may (arguably) be the best thing that's ever happened to Ryerson, there are still a lot of annoying things that tend to happen here, and sometimes you just need to get out your frustration. (The SLC is still bae though.)

1. The fact that the elevators take 5 years to come.

I could be getting so much work done right now if I wasn't waiting for this darn elevator.

2. The amount of people waiting for the elevators.

Do I really want to compete with 30 other people to get into an elevator right now? (The answer is no.)

3. Deciding to take the stairs and regretting every second of it.

I need to start doing more cardio.

4. When people (obviously new to the SLC) press every floor in the elevator because they can't decide where they want to go.

Do you even go here?

6. People who stand in front of the door inside the elevator and don't move to let people out.

Let us outta here, fam.

7. When people don't shut up on the 7th floor.

It's called the "quiet floor" for a reason.

8. People who hog entire tables when they're by themselves on the 8th floor.

Go get yourself a cubicle, damn it.

9. People who play music out loud on their phones while everyone's trying to study.


10. When it's midterm or finals season and there are no seats anywhere.

Please, don't make me go to the library... Anything but the library...

11. Having to go to the bathroom but not wanting to leave your stuff unattended.

The struggles of having trust issues. (Or just not wanting my laptop to get stolen.) Also don't want to lose my perfect spot.

 12. The number of outlets that don't actually work.

It's fine, it's not like I needed to charge my phone or anything.

13. Having to book study rooms a week ahead of time in order to get one.

I can never win.

14. Having to kick people out of study rooms you've booked.

Photo cred – Giphy

Don't you give me the cut-eye, mister.

15. All the Media Production or Journalism kids who ask to interview you for their assignments.

Help a brotha out, though.

16. Seeing everyone you know and getting distracted from working.

Being the hub of everything exciting at Ryerson, you'll probably always catch a friend or two or more at the SLC. Maybe it's not such a good place to be productive...

17. When people bring food and it smells delicious and you get distracted from working.

Forever smelling pizza.

18. Trying to figure out what's cheap and quick and near the SLC to eat lunch or dinner so you don't lose out on studying time.

But I've already had Banh Mi Boys twice this week...

19. Having to use your One Card to pay for things from the vending machines.

Uh, I'm a commuter. Does it look like I have money on my One Card?!

20. The long line that forms at Starbucks between classes.

I swear the AMC Starbucks line goes by faster.

21. Not being able to use the Starbucks app on your phone to pay for your caramel brûlé latte.

C'mon man, my wallet is at the bottom of my backpack.

22. Trying to get into the SLC after hours or on weekends.

Why are the doors locked? Why doesn't my One Card work on these doors? I'm a student! Let me in!

23. When it's 11 P.M. and the floor is almost entirely empty and you still have an entire essay to write.

This is sketch. Commuter school = no one hangs around after 9 P.M. I'm a security email waiting to happen.

 24. The fact that the SLC closes at 1 A.M.

Why isn't it open 24 hours again?

25. The fact that it's not connected to the subway.

Photo cred – Giphy

We wish man, we wish.