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25 Things All Ryerson Freshmen Need To Know To Make It Through First Year

If Ryerson University is anything, it is most importantly unique. Situated right next to Dundas Square in the middle of downtown Toronto, Ryerson's campus is a vibrant one, full of bustling freshmen ready to start their university journey.

The first year of university can be tough no matter where you go, but Ryerson has its own specific quirks, inside jokes and tips you should be familiar with if you want to understand what anyone is talking about. Once you accept these quirks as true, student life will be much easier (or at least manageable). Read on to find out what you need to know about Ryerson to help you get through first year.

1. You will receive sketchy security warning emails every few hours.

Which you will unsubscribe from because they're too annoying, even though you know you shouldn't. From shootings to stabbings to harassments to finding animal hearts on campus (yes, that actually did happen), the security emails will keep you a little too up-to-date on campus safety.

2. If you are a commuter you will be late to at least half of your classes.

Another delay? Really TTC? Not only that, but if you have class at the RCC you have to book it all the way across campus from Dundas Station. And the 10 minute Ryerson time schedule definitely isn't enough time to get between classes. Just accept the fact that you will always be late, but on the plus side the cool people always show up late.

3. The Ram in the Rye will remove your favourite foods from its menu each year.

R.I.P. sweet potato fries and lattice fries, we knew you well. Once you accept the fact that the Ram in the Rye really doesn't care about your love for greasy food and will ax your favs like a lumberjack, Ryerson will be a better place. But thank you for the cheap beer Rammer.

4. RAMSS is the most confusing system ever invented.

* throws laptop at wall, smashes it with hammer, cries uncontrollable tears * Why do you have to be so unbearably confusing RAMSS? Why is enrolling for classes so difficult? It shouldn't be this way - but it unfortunately is.

5. You will mess up your course intentions every single year.

Sorry, but I didn't want to get up at 4 a.m. on Boxing Day to do it. They are always at the worst possible times and the servers are always down due to traffic. Don't get me wrong, course intentions are actually really important, but they are simultaneously really ignorant.

6. Alumni will reminisce on the days when Gould Street was painted yellow and blue.

Yes, this actually did happen and yes it was absolutely awful. Ryerson spent just under $200,000 on the poorly rushed paint job which was then washed away four months later by the snow and ice in December. Thanks for wasting our tuition on that one guys.

7. You will never actually find out where the Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre is.

Contrary to popular belief, the Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre is not in the Eaton Centre. Nor is by the Library, nor is it in Kerr Hall... Does this building even exist?! Ryerson should have invested the Gould Street paint job money in signs to help students find this place.

8. Kerr Hall's heat is equivalent to the light of a thousand burning suns year round.

Kerr Hall is basically a sauna. No matter what floor you're on or what classroom you are in, whether it's fall semester or winter semester, whether you're wearing a tank top or a turtleneck, you will be sweating profusely by the end of lecture. There is no way around it.

9. You will forever be confused as to whether you are in the Podium Building, Jorgenson Hall or the Library Building.

If you have classes in any of these buildings then good luck! You'll need it. With confusing walkways, classrooms out of numerical order and disproportioned levels, you will need a map to navigate through these buildings.

10. On that note, don't waste your time at the Library Building - studying at the SLC is way better.

The Ryerson Library is a dungeon and the SLC still feels so shiny and new. There is way more study space at the SLC and it has themed floors like 'The Beach' and 'The Forest' which makes doing school work a little more fun.

11. However, the SLC elevators are the slowest elevators on Earth.

Pressing the button repeatedly won't make it go any faster but you've already aged 25 years just by waiting for the elevator. However, you'll wait it out because there are no escalators in the SLC and the stairs aren't an option since you spent the last three hours of your life sweating it out in Kerr Hall.

12. Ryerson NEVER has snow days.

U of T has snow days, York has snow days, but does Ryerson? Nope. No snow days here. All of Toronto could be shut down but Ryerson would still be open. There could be a blizzard going on and Ryerson would still expect you to be in class.

13. You will always fall asleep during your lectures in the movie theatre.

Scheduling 8 a.m. lectures in a large movie theatre with plush, reclining chairs should be considered a crime against students. Those chairs are just way too comfy to not take a quick snooze in them and any student who can resist them deserves an award.

14. You will only drink Tim Horton's coffee because Starbucks is too far away and Balzac's is expensive.

The struggle is way too real with this one. You love fancy coffee but you don't like the $5 price take that comes with it nor do you like walking 5 miles for it. I guess that means it's double doubles from here on out.

15. Basil Box is cool, but Salad King is everything.

Basil Box is the new kid on the block, but Salad King is the OG. Good quality, cheap Thai food makes for the perfect study break and it is one of the major perks of Ryerson's campus.

16. Getting two Reading Weeks is the greatest gift any university could ever give its students.

Thank you RU for blessing us with this beautiful gift. We promise to use it wisely and responsibly by spending ever day studying for midterms - just kidding, you can find us either partying it up or on a mini vacation.

17. Ryerson also has two campus book stores.

And the textbooks you need will be spread out between the two just to make your life extra difficult. On the bright side, you can now order your books online so skip the hassle and do that instead.

18. Students do hook-up in the Library study rooms.

And the walls are thin like paper...

19. It will take you a while before you realize that the RAC is actually located underground.

You'll spent about 20 minutes circling the Quad before you figure out that the RAC is actually underground. Honestly, just go to the MAC instead. It's nicer and much easier to find anyways.

20. The Harvey's isn't just any normal Harvey's.

It's Hooker Harvey's guys. I'm not going to explain why, go there and see for yourself.

21. Everyone at Ryerson dresses like Gould Street is a runway.

You won't ever see people in sweatpants, even in 8 a.m. lectures. Everyone is always dressed to the nines and are stylish beyond university standards. This can be expected when living in the heart of a city as trendy as Toronto.

22. Your OneCard is your access to everything on and off campus.

The second you realize you've forgotten your OneCard you know it's going to be a long, painful day. Without it you won't be able to get into certain buildings, access the gym, use the school printers and, most importantly, take part in the student discounts offered by many of the stores and restaurants around campus.

23. You'll fall in love with Toronto more and more each day.

Toronto is such a lively, beautiful city and at Ryerson University that dynamic surrounds you. You're minutes away from popular Queen Street West, the urban vibe of the Annex, Toronto's club scene and more. You're in the thick of it all, which makes for a pretty awesome university experience.

24. Students will forever brag about the two Drake shows last year.

Because we all know Drake made Ryerson cooler. But hey, seeing French Montana last night is also pretty cool. However, I guarantee Drake's surprise performances played a factor in whether or not you accepted your admission offer to Ryerson in the first place.

25. Other universities will call your school Rye High because they don't take you seriously.

You don't care though - you know Ryerson is actually the best and everyone at every other university is just lame and jealous.

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