25 Things Only Brock University Students Will Understand

Honey badgers don't care.
25 Things Only Brock University Students Will Understand

Don't let the grapes and wine fool you - Brock University is a party mecca. It's just overlooked by everyone; probably because it's located all the way in St. Catharines.

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You might not think St. Catharines is the most exciting place to go to school, but it's actually quite the contrary. From parties in the Tower to epic nights in the Village, the students at Brock University prove that their school is anything but boring. Just take a look at their Harlem Shake video from 2013... If that wasn't lit, I don't know what is.

Here are things only Brock University students will understand:

"The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger" is your life.

Randall quotes are an integral part of your daily speech.

You're forever getting lost in Mac Chown.

Too. Many. Seminar. Rooms!

You're secretly proud of the Harlem Shake of 2013 (even if just a little bit).

Proof that Randall was onto something when he said "Oh the honey badgers are just craaazy!"

You've questioned whether your degree is worth the mission to campus from Quarry View every day.

It doesn't seem like it, but it's a looong ass walk.

You've faced the crushing realization of why Dollar Beers are priced at a dollar each.

*Whispers* The cups are tiny AF *whispers*

Seeing the rows of tables at Ian Beddis during exams makes you wanna die.

It's even worse if you get scheduled for an 8 AM exam.

"Dave the Bouncer" is a familiar name to you.


You signed up for the wine course because wine.

St. Catharines can do that to people.

That feeling when you've finally figured out how to navigate through the interconnected buildings.

Winter's got nothing on you.

You're convinced that the line-up for the Glenridge 116 is where World War III will start.

Waiting for this damn bus turns everyone into animals.

Surgite? What's that?

Never heard of it.

The Bullet confuses you in ways no one will ever understand.

And so do the other super weird statues around campus.

Being able to skip leg day because you've already walked up the stairs in Market.

It counts, okay??

You live for Threesome Thursdays at Isaac's.

It's not what it sounds like.

52 years and still no football team? No problem.

That just means less watching and more drinking during homecoming.

You somehow always run into everyone you met at frosh and their grandmas at A-Block.

*Pops in earphones every time*

When someone gets on the bus at the Tower just to get off at the Rosalind Blauer Centre.


Apart from Fall reading week, Wellness Week is your favourite time of the semester.

Puppy rooms and nap rooms? Count me in!

Forever getting locked out of your my.brocku.ca account.

And having to change your password. Every. Single. Time.

Having to park in Zone 2 because Zone 1 got full quick.

Kill me now.

Being stuck in a seminar room that has the most glorious view of Pond Inlet.

It's absolute torture (especially in the summer).

You've convinced yourself that Freshman 15 is inevitable because of McDonalds.

It's literally right there...

You love bringing up the fact that Ryan Gosling's mom graduated from Brock in conversation.

I mean, it is a great small talk topic.

Being told "If you can walk and talk, you can go to Brock" still triggers you.


You've probably still got some evidence of purple somewhere on your body from the annual Grape Stomp.

Grapes or die, bro.

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