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25 Thoughts All Ryerson Students Have Before Winter Semester Starts

It feels like it was just last week (*ahem* last year) that I was cramming for assignments and exams for all my fall courses. Now it's another winter semester and another string of courses that will probably lead me to my academic death. Here are thoughts all us Ryerson students have as the holidays end and winter semester begins.

1. Great, I have to get all bundled up to go to class.

Walking from the subway to the RCC ain't fun when you don't have a beanie to warm your head and a blanket scarf to warm your neck.

2. That Timmies line on Victoria though...

3. That Starbucks line in the AMC though...

4. I wish all my classes were in the AMC Theatre. You never even have to walk outside from the subway.

5. I hate the TTC.

6. Class in Sally Horsfall again? My worst nightmare.

7. I don't even have all the courses I want right now.

People, y u gotta hog courses you plan on dropping anyways???

8. I refuse to buy any textbooks this semester.

9. Hell yeah, everything at the Eaton Centre is on sale for post-Boxing Day.

And I still can't afford anything. #BrokeStudentLife

Photo cred – Giphy

10. Yes, I can start eating Banh Mi Boys for lunch again!

11. New year, new me. Maybe I'll start working out at the RAC or MAC. They renovated the RAC, right?

12. Just one more month until Reading Week. I can do this.

So thankful to have two Reading Weeks.

13. I'm going to make up for not doing as well as I wanted to last semester.

I just need to maintain at least a 3.0...

14. I'm gonna study so hard and do all my assignments a week early.

15. I'm probably going to fall into the same studying habits I had last semester.

16. Maybe I'll go skating at Lake Devo. But probably not.

17. New year's resolutions: I'll at least try to be on time for all my classes. And try to attend all my classes. Or most of them.

18. I'll try to sleep earlier the night before so I won't fall asleep in class.

Keyword: try.

Photo cred – Giphy

19. Back to waiting forever for elevators at the SLC...

I refuse to walk up eight flights of stairs.

20. Back to not being able to find any seats or tables at the SLC...

21. Back to hearing random dudes blasting Drake off their phones at the SLC...

22. Back to late nights studying at the SLC...

Dead. I am dead. I am dying.

23. Let's be real, winter semester is always worse than fall.

Ready for that GPA drop.

Photo cred – Giphy

24. I can't wait to drink all my sorrows away.

25. Winter semester, I am ready for you.

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