Walking through the financial district is like walking through an entirely different world. I mean, Toronto is known to have such drastically different areas, but the financial district is a breed of its own. The areas borders are roughly by Queen Street West, Yonge Street, Front Street and University Avenue, and is hub to financial institutions and men and women in fancy suits and ties. While walking through the financial district, you're bound to get some of these thoughts.

1) I definitely should have gone to Ivey Business.

2) I feel significantly under dressed here.

3) So this is where I find a husband (or wife)

4) Why did I take English as a major?

5) I feel like I just entered this weird bubble where the street meat got more expensive

Photo Cred - mom.me

6) Maybe someone here will offer to pay my student loans.

7) [While in the PATH] Woah this is where everyone is hiding in the winter.

8) Maybe if I Instagram next to RBC building people will think I’m more successful.

9) Why is everyone walking so fast?

10) Where can one get a cheap pint around here?

Photo cred - Tumblr

11) Are some of these people even old enough to own a suit?

12) Who is in that black car parked outside of Earls?

13) I wonder if they’re filming the show Suits today.

14) Do people actually know their way around the PATH or are they just walking with confidence?

15) How many people do you think could gather at one TTC stop at 5pm?

Photo Cred - The Guvernment

16) Well its official—only 2% of the population can pull off a pencil skirt.

17) I really hope she’s wearing sneakers with her dress just for her walk to work.

18) I wonder what the views like from the top floor of some of these buildings.

19) So you can get food delivered in an Uber here?

20) Imagine working this close to the Eaton Centre? Sounds hard on your wallet.

Photo Cred - Giphy

21) Why do they leave the lights on in all these buildings at night?

22) So these are the people with all the Leaf tickets.

23) Can we just talk about how beautiful Brookfield Place is for a minute?

24) I can't even grasp what it would be like scaling these buildings to clean all the windows.

25) The buildings really block out any chance of sunshine here eh?

Photo Cred - Giphy