25 Toronto Girls On Instagram That Are Living The Life You Want

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25 Toronto Girls On Instagram That Are Living The Life You Want

Instagram has become a massive thing as of the past few years, especially when it comes to gaining some inspiration in your own everyday life. Whether it's fashion, travel, makeup, fitness or even food! It seems that all the influencers always know what to wear, where to go, how to spruce up their own look and where to eat.

If you are looking to channel your inner influencer, look no further! We've got the top five picks for every kind of Toronto IG'er that has a lust-worthy feed and is worthy of inspo. So get ready to be the person in your friend group that always knows the best things to do, wear and eat after following these influencers!

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Tee // @thatsotee

Tee is a great person to follow if you are looking for the perfect balance between travel, lifestyle and outfit posts! Not only does she have amazing style but she is always travelling and her husband takes unbelievably gorgeous candids of both her and the scenery they see throughout their travels!

Qing // @qingaling

Qing is a great person to follow if you are a fan of a clean aesthetic that is focused on great style, tons of black and some gorgeous bags. She has a crazy impressive luxury bag collection as well that will push you dangerously close to dropping a month's worth of rent on a bag.

Vanessa // @vanessacesario_

Vanessa's style is all about bold colours and textures. From purple puffer coats to yellow vinyl pants, she's got tons of inspo if you are looking to get out of your comfort zone- especially if you are looking for some more colourful pieces!

Ruby // @ragsxruby

Ruby's got the perfect balance between bolder pieces and parisian inspired looks. From tartan and graphics to track suits, she's got a ton of different styles to get inspo from. She's a great person to follow if you have a more eccentric sense of style.

Marie // @mariesbazaar

Marie is perfect to follow if you are a fan of more classic and simple looks. From staple winter coats to colourful and neutral jumpers, if you are constantly stumped on work wear or interview outfit inspo, she's someone you definitely should check out!

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Chloe // @chloezhaang

Chloe is a great person to follow if you want not only travelling inspiration but also outfit inspiration. Whether it's for everyday wear or outfits perfect for your vacation, she's got tons of inspo to offer!

Tasneem // @dasootas

Tasneem has got photographing Europe down to a tee! From Italy to Paris she takes some unbelievable photos of unique spectacles that are less traditional than the mainstream features most travellers check out!

Christina // @styleapotheca

Christina may primarily be a style blog, but she is constantly taking some gorgeous photos abroad. The photo above is proof that she clearly knows what she's doing with a camera, and her feed shows she knows how to dress just as well! Fashion and travel inspo in one place?! What more could you want!

Jen // @jenlaceda

Jen is constantly on vacation in some of the most gorgeous places in the world. From Morocco to Tulum she is constantly posting the most stunning photos that will have you planning trips left and right!

Kate // @katebialowas

Kate is constantly posting some gorgeous photos around Toronto as well as around the world! So whether you are looking to actually travel somewhere or be a tourist in your own city, look no further than her feed for some inspo!

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Amy Macedo // @amymacedo

Amy Macedo is a massive beauty guru from the GTA who not only has an Instagram account but also a successful Youtube channel! She is perfect to follow if you are a fan of traditional looks as well as pops of colour that aren't too out of your comfort zone!

Jessica Mann // @theblondemann

Jessica has some crazy talent when it comes to loud and bold looks. Whether she is playing with bold colours or technique in general, she is constantly bringing something fun and unique to your Instagram feed if you choose to follow her!

Alina // @makeupbyalinna

Alina is insanely talented and currently has nearly 2 million followers on her Instagram account. From her crazy talent for cut creases to her ability to always choose the perfect lip colour, she is constantly serving some serious makeup inspo. Plus, she features other beauty IG'ers on her feed all of the time so you get tons of gurus at the price of only following one!

Cheryl H // @makeupbycherylh

Cheryl is constantly serving some serious skin, lashes and eyeshadow goals. From her constantly flawless makeup base to her gorgeous classic eye looks and lust-worthy lashes, following her page will definitely result in you making several trips to Sephora.

Sherry // @shermakeup

Sherry is crazy talented and is always finding a way to incorporate colour without making it too daunting for beginners. She is a great person to follow if you are just starting out, or just want to see makeup on your feed in general considering she always posts photos of her PR packages!

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Becca // @torontoblondie

Becca is the perfect person to follow if you've got a good workout routine but want to start eating better. She is constantly posting photos of some delicious looking healthy foods that are as delicious as they are satisfying to look at!

Cassie // @cassiedayyy

Cassie has the perfect mix between food, lifestyle and work out inspiration that will definitely push you to visit the gym more often. Whether you are looking to actually train with her or just gain some inspo from her feed, she's a great option!

Jessica Morris // @jessicamorrishealth

Jessica is a holistic nutritionist as well as a strength and conditioning coach and is constantly posting on Instagram. Whether it's photos of her working out or progress photos, she's a great person to follow to inspire you to grab those running shoes!

Sasha // @sashaexeter

Sasha has a great balance of lifestyle, food and fitness. She's great to follow if you don't want your feed completely flooded with fitness content but also want some inspiration on what to eat to maintain the budding fitness bod you've got of your own!

Miss Emma Troupe // @missemmatroupe

Emma is a super inspiring page to follow. Not only does she share tons of progress photos but she also serves some SERIOUS butt inspo that will have you super inspired to do the 30-day squat challenge.

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Robin Radomski // @blondeats

Robin covers a ton of cool spots in Toronto, but if you are looking for food inspo beyond the Canadian borders, she's a great person to follow! She is constantly snapping photos of the delicious food she grabs while out and about from New York to Europe!

via @hangry_foodies

Anh // @hangry_foodies

Anh has a knack not only for food around the city but also for photography. She makes for a great person to follow considering her photography skills allow for all the meals she grabs to be captured in the best light. Beware though, it's practically guaranteed after following her you will be spending way more money than usual eating out at all the places she goes to!

Isabelle // @allons.y

Isabelle has arguably some of the best food flat lays in Toronto. I honestly don't know how she is able to hold off from eating the delicious food she finds in the city long enough to snap a photo but I definitely appreciate it!

Krystle // @dineandfash

Krystle is a great person to check out if you are looking for someone who serves some dining inspo as well as fashion looks. She's got the perfect balance and recommendations for places to eat and what to wear!

Rosemary // @rosemxry

Rosemary has a knack for finding every spot in Toronto that has a warm and earthy aesthetic and has brought some seriously underrated restos to light! So if you are looking not only for great food but a great ambiance, consider following her for her recommendations!

Maria Lee // @foodiemibear

Maria is perfect to follow if you are looking to get out of your comfort zone and try some more unique dishes! Her feed will definitely impress even the pickiest of eaters!