24 Bucket List Desserts Every Torontonian Needs To Try

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24 Bucket List Desserts Every Torontonian Needs To Try

It is starting to warm up, which means one thing... ice cream weather! But realistically you can't just stop at ice cream.  T.O. is home to some of the most mouthwatering desserts in Ontario.  Make sure to check out these 23 places before you really have to get your summer body in check!

1.Decked out ice cream cones // Dutch Dreams

Photo cred - @musteatmore

2.Melt in your mouth pastries //  Sud Furno

3.Decadent Donuts // Junked Food Co. 

4. Chimney Cakes // Eva's Original Chimneys

5.Milk n Cookie Crullers // The Saint Tavern 

6.The Cities Cutest Eclairs // Nugateau

Photo cred - @Bake Shoppe

7.Celeb Cookies // Bake Shoppe

8.The Perfect Birthday Cake //Momofuku Milk Bar

9.Skor & roasted marshmellow donut ice-cream sandwiches // Uncle Betty's

10.Chocolate & caramel covered apples // The Golden Apple 

11.Strawberry Shortcake Paleta // Sweet Jesus 

Photo cred - @The Red Bench

12.Gourmet Cookies // The Red Bench

13.Macarons // Nadege 

14.Ice cream sandwiches // BakerbotsBaking

15.Ice cream wrapped in a waffle // Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery 

16.B.C. raspberry pie // Wanda's Pie in the Sky

Photo cred - @sarahhmckayy

17.Cookie Dough Donut // Von Doughnuts

18.Churros // Fonda Lola

19.Caramel Soft Serve // Sweet Jesus

Photo - @meetandeats

20.Milk chocolate euro salted caramel tart // Dufflet 

21. Cotton candy latte // Initium

Photo cred - @staceeey_

22. Matcha Cheesecake // Uncle Tetsu's 

23. Red Velvet Popsicle // Sweet Olenkas

Green tea ice cream // Tsujiri

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