26 Hot And Cheesy Toronto Pizzas To Put In And Around Your Mouth

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26 Hot And Cheesy Toronto Pizzas To Put In And Around Your Mouth

If there is one thing that no Torontonian can deny is their love for pizza. Whether it be gourmet, delivery, or something you consume “only when you’re drunk”, we all indulge in a little cheesy goodness once in a while. Pizza is the ultimate coping mechanism for any mood. It’s reliable, trustworthy, and will never disappoint you.

Now if we want to take it to the next level of being a super millennial, it’s that we LOVE to take pictures of our food before we consume it. Love it or hate it, we all research the best looking foods in the city, because how else are we supposed to decide what we want for dinner? Don’t worry, I’ve found some very attractive looking pies for you that will have your taste buds explode with excitement. Just please keep the drooling to yourself.

1. Maker Pizza // 59 Cameron Street

Must Try: Frank's Best or Napoli Dynamite

2. True True Pizza // 169 King Street East

Must Try: Into The Wild

3. Terroni // Multiple Locations

Must Try: Affitisciuta or C’t Mang

4. Descendant Detroit Style Pizza // 1168 Queen Street East

Must Try: "The Good Old Days"

5. Famoso // Multiple Locations

Must Try: Capricciosa

6. Pizzeria Defina // 321 Roncesvalles Avenue

Must Try: Pumba

7. Levetto // Multiple Locations

Must Try: Patate

8. Pizzeria Via Mercanti // 188 Augusta Avenue

Must Try: Pizza Bamino

9. Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar // 382 Yonge Street

Must Try: Smoked Bacon & Egg

10. Pizzeria Libretto // Multiple Locations

Must Try: Duck Confit or House-Made Sausage

11. North of Brooklyn Pizzeria // Multiple Locations

Must Try: Killer Bee

12. Figo // 295 Adelaide Street West

Must Try: Burrata

13. Ricarda's // 134 Peter Street

Must Try: Orbetello or Make Your Own

14. Buca // 604 King Street West

Must Try: Pomodoro E Tartufo

15. Bannock // 401 Bay Street

Must Try: Roast Duck Poutine

16. Masseria //577 King Street West

Must Try: Carbone

17. Junked Food Co. // 1256 Dundas Street West

Must Try: Jurasic Junkie Pizza

18. G For Gelato // 75 Jarvis Street

Must Try: Prosciutto Contadina

19. Frank's Pizza House // 1352 St. Clair Ave West

Must Try: Angelique

20. Trattoria Nervosa // 75 Yorkville Avenue

Must Try: Primavera

21. Gusto 101 // 101 Portland Street

Must Try: Spinaci or Prosciutto e Rucola

22. Queen Margherita Pizza // Multiple Locations

Must Try: Roberto Scallopini AKA Birdman or Rocco the 1st

23. Danforth Pizza House // 920 Danforth Avenue

Must Try: House Special or Make Your Own

24. Annette Food Market // 240 Annette Street

Must Try: Funghi

25. FBI Pizza // 2336 Lake Shore Blvd West

Must Try: Bombo Pazza or Canadese

26. Pi Co. // 1200 Bay Street

Must Try: Make Your Own

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