26 Signs You've Been Raised By Immigrant Parents

Sorry, they're foreign.
26 Signs You've Been Raised By Immigrant Parents

How do you deal with immigrant parents? It's not that easy because they have "their way" of doing things and there's no way you'll convince them otherwise. Forget about arguing to prove your point because immigrant parents don't put up with that sh*t. You will always be wrong and they will always be right (even though they don't follow Canadian conventions)

Growing up, immigrant parents discipline their kids using certain tactics, which others do not understand.  They say and do things in an unconventional matter and sometimes they can even rub off being standoffish.

If your parents are fresh off the boat, you deserve a medal for dealing with the following things:

P.S Parents don't be offended, we love you anyways.

1.  Communication wasn't easy

Your teachers, friends and people at the grocery store couldn't understand what your parents were saying with their strong accents.

 2. Consequently, you excelled the accent

Skipping school was easy because the secretary fell for your accent. Thank you Mom and Dad for turning a negative into a positive.

 3. You signed your own school forms.

Because your parents were too lazy to.

4. There are some words/sayings you simply can't translate.

If you do, it doesn't make sense in English. It's frustrating because you just can't explain.

5. Pronunciation has always been a problem.

You end up looking like a complete fool because you pronounce words a certain way and your friends make fun of you.

6. People are always surprised you don't have an accent.

"Because I was born and educated in Canada."

7. Immigrant parents always over exaggerate.

"Why is your room so dirty????" But it's not.

8. ESL

What a nightmare.

9. Embarrassing Commentary

You're scared to bring your parents in public because they might say something really embarrassing.

10. No one was jealous of your lunches at school.

"Ummm... What exactly is that?"

 11. You were judged by your friends for home remedies.

For Russians, vodka cleans everything.

 12. And for crazy superstitions.

"Spit over the shoulder!"

13. They sent you to Sunday/Hebrew/Chinese School

Every weekend.

14. No one says your last name properly.

Everyone tends to add extra letters and sounds.

15. You must eat your food.

All hell will break loose if you don't finish your plate.

16. Everything can be fixed.

The sole came off from your shoe? Don't waste your money, it can be fixed.

17. It's ok to pee in public.

Just make sure you hide behind a bush.

18. You've gone to more weddings then most of your friends.

Oh no, wedding season is around the corner.

19. You had your first sip of booze at a really young age.

It may have been in your milk.

20. There's no such thing as garbage.

Whatever it is, you might need it.

21. What does "grounded" mean?

This word doesn't exist for immigrant parents because you were punished for every little thing.

22. You became familiar with swear words at a very young age.

Don't get immigrant parents angry.

23. You instantly connected with other immigrant kids in school.

Because their parents are immigrants too.

24. Your vacations consisted of going to the homeland.

Why stay go to a hotel when you can stay at your aunts?

25. Your grades were never good enough.

Parents could only help you with math.

26. You are proud to be ______

Because you were raised that way.

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