Many girls make the mistake of restricting themselves from doings things when they are single. The problem is ladies, you're limiting yourself from so many opportunities our world has to offer, and it's important to understand the best time to make it happen is when you're single!

You will have many experiences with your S/O, but unfortunately there are certain things that are not acceptable to do when you're in a relationship. Enjoy your single life ladies while it lasts and make the most of it. Here is a list of 26 Things Every Toronto Girl Should Do Before Settling Down:

1. Discover your true self.

Ask yourself the following questions: What do you love about yourself? What are your priorities in life? How would you live your life if there were no limits? If you won a lottery what would you spend the money on? There are several questions you can ask yourself that will assist you in discovering your true self.

2. Forget the past.

Everyone makes mistakes, but it's important to learn how to move on. Forget the ex you met at UofT and the creep you went on a date with from Everleigh.

3. Move out of your parents house.

Move into your own apartment, whether it's on Lakeshore, King West, or Fort York. If you can't afford to live on your own find a roommate, but you must move out of your parents house before you live with your significant other.

4. Design your own home.

Check out West Elm, Inde-Art Design House, or even IKEA to find everything you need to create a cozy environment. (Here's a list of other stores in Toronto)

5. Finish School.

It's never too late for school, but try and complete your degree before you settle down. It will be easier to focus on your relationship once school is out of the way.

6. Set career goals.

Nowadays, it isn't easy to find a job according to your degree. It's important to set career goals and potentially establish a career before you stress over a relationship.

7. Make new friends.

Build friendships, make connections, meet people! Toronto is a big city, the more people you know, the further you'll get.

8. Have a one night stand.

Let loose and go home with someone you met at EFS. Now I'm not saying you should sleep with a different guy every weekend, but you should have a one night stand at least once.

9. Fulfill a naughty fantasy.

We all have sexual fantasies that we dream of fulfilling. Many people would love to have a threesome but it doesn't seem right when you're in a relationship. Take advantage of your freedom, just make sure you pick someone that you're not emotionally attached to. Buy some goodies from The Stag Shop or Aren't We Naughty

10. Take risks.

Don't be scared to take risks! Be adventurous while you're single because there are certain things that are unacceptable when you're in a relationship.

11. Become a pro in the kitchen.

It's important for a woman to know how to cook. If you're not the greatest chef, take some cooking classes. One day you will have to cook for someone else... Check out Dish Cafe, one of the best cooking studio's in Toronto.

12. Party hard.

Make an appearance at least once at every single night club in Toronto, go on a pub crawl and don't say no when it comes to a party!

13. Take a shot with a celebrity.

Many celebrities come to Toronto very frequently. If you got what it takes, work your way into the VIP section at Lost and Found and take a shot with Justin Bieber.

14. Get day drunk.

The best place to get day drunk is at Cabana Pool bar. You have to do it because I doubt you're b/f would appreciate you being sloppy drunk in the pool.

15. Travel around the world.

Save up enough money and take a trip. It can be hard if you're not financially stable, but there's a big difference between travelling single vs in a relationship.

16. Buy yourself flowers.

Why wait for someone to surprise you with flowers when you can buy them yourself?

17. Be single atleast once Valentines Day.

Anti-Valentine's Day parties can be fun too. Don't be upset if you're single on Valentines day, you have your whole life ahead of you to spend it with that 'special someone.'

18. Know your interests.

It's important to know your own interests before you settle down in a relationship. If you both have your own interests, you can keep yourself occupied during your 'alone time', without getting sick of each other.

19. Be the wingwoman.

Help a girl out and encourage her to approach the guy she's been eyeing out all night long. She'll return the favor and perhaps one day through her, you will meet your other half.

20. Get in shape.

Work,work,work,work on that body girl! It's important to be the best you can be especially when it comes to body form! If you look good, you feel good and most importantly it builds confidence - a trait which attracts many men.

 21. Create a routine.

Setting a daily routine can help you achieve your goals, once you get into the habit you can pass on this wonderful quality to your S/O.

22. Go on a date with an older guy.

Every girl has to experience a "daddy date." An older man can spoil you in many different ways someone your age cannot.

23. Go on a date with a foreign guy.

The struggle of understanding each other during a date can be quite entertaining. And we all can admit, accents are hot.

24. Go to a festival with your girls.

There's no better place to let loose than a music festival! Pick one of your choice and have the time of your life whether it's D.D, Osheaga or OVO.

25. Go on a blind date.

Be spontaneous, go on a date with someone you've never met. You never know, maybe he'll be the one.

26. Go on a tinder date

Everyone has to experience a tinder date at least once in their life.