Many Torontonians suffer from extreme road rage. The traffic, the construction and several other factors contribute to this terrible condition we have diagnosed ourselves with after driving in the city.

Whether you use a car on a daily basis to commute around Toronto or you make the decision  to take a trip into the 6ix here and there, let's take a look at this list of 27 struggles every Torontonian can relate to when they're driving:

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1. The relationship between drivers and cyclists is complete madness.

There's nothing more frustrating for a driver than an unpleasant encounter with a cyclist. The problem is, some cyclists do not follow the rules of the road or pedestrian rules, and this is what causes a huge issue - choose one. Why do drivers have to be so cautious when the cyclists don't care at all? God forbid you hit them because then you're in deep sh*t, but if they knock off your side mirror or scrape your car - it's all good bro.

2. As well as taxi drivers.

They are crazy drivers that do not care to cut you off.

3. When your car skids off the street car rail.

It's a terrifying experience.

4. Having to wait for a street car when they stop.

And then you don't make the traffic light because it turns red.

5. Finding parking downtown.

It's practically impossible and you're pretty much screwed.

6. Parking breaks your wallet.

It's absolutely ridiculous. Torontonians on average spend up to $350 on a monthly basis, if not more.

7. And you're bound to get parking tickets.

The parking enforcement DT is on a next level. If you're 10 min over your time because your food was late at the restaurant, you can expect a ticket.

8. Waking up at 6 am after a night of drinking...

If you left your car in one of the King Street parking lots, you know you have to get there first thing in the morning because it will get towed.

9. The selfish people that block intersections.

Oh you're in a hurry? I'm sorry but everyone is in a rush to get somewhere, have some manners asshole.

10. Road rage.

It's inevitable.

11. Traffic, traffic, traffic.

You could be standing bumper to bumper for hours. Whether you're on Queen,Yonge, Bloor, Bay or any other street in the city, a 15 min ride will turn into a 3 hour long hair-ripping journey.

12. Rush Hour.

The period of hell for every single driver in Toronto because your travel time is increased by 1948390 times.

13. The one-way streets in Toronto...

Richmond, why you gotta be like that?

14. J-walkers.

Go ahead pedestrians, at your own risk though.

15. Construction.

No matter what season it is, there is always construction in Toronto. Avoid going on Adelaide under all circumstances - you know you'll regret it.

16. Parallel parking on Queen West.

It is "the death of you." There are way too many cars and people on Queen West that do not give a ....

17. The random pot holes.

Is it really that hard to fix these holes of hell? You're guaranteed damages from the ones on Bathurst.

18. When you have no other choice than to brave Lakeshore Blvd or The Gardiner from Spadina.

Bottleneck traffic at its' finest.

19. And the DVP

Is complete torture.

20. Trucks do not belong in the city during rush hour.

Why is there an eighteen wheeler on Bathurst?

21. Merging without signalling.

These people are just asking for a car accident to happen. Just because you're driving in a Lamborghini doesn't give you the right to be a douche like that - you're not in Fast & Furious.

22. Not being able to turn left during certain hours.

This is more of a nagging point, but you know it's for the greater good.

23. Being late for work during the winter.

Because your car is stuck on the street that wasn't plowed.

24. And then you can't blame anyone but yourself.

Because you should have just simply taken the TTC subway.

25. The frustration when Toronto hosts street festivals...

Because Yonge and other major streets in the city are closed and traffic becomes 1382101010 worse than it already is.

26. The moment you realize you're at an empty tank...

And the closest gas station is 10 km away.

27. The mixed feelings you get when the LES orange cones block off a main street.

Because you can't get through to Bay Street, but you're also also kinda excited you may see Harvey Spector or Mike Ross from Suits.

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