Kids these days have it good. Maybe too good. Nowadays, it's a common sight to see three-year-olds on iPhones and iPads. Some of them probably know how torrent movies too...

Kids today will never understand the struggles their predecessors went through. As thankful as we 90's kids are for what we had back then, we can't help but think how much easier our lives would have been if we grew up with today's generation. Here are 27 struggles kids today will never understand:

1. Making important life decisions via MASH or paper fortune teller.

And getting mad when we didn't get the destiny we wanted.

2. Relying on floppy disks.

Floppy disks hold 1.44 MB on average. 1.44 MB!!!

3. Being sent this annoying sticker on MSN.

Her cackle still ticks you off today.

4. Corded phones.

When phones were used solely for the purpose that they were invented for - calling. None of this "apps" business.

5. Peeling dried glue off your fingers.

Just to pass the time. Sometimes you'd dip your fingers into glue intentionally just to peel them.

6. Lugging around a cassette player or Walkman just so you could listen to music on the go.

Thought having an iPod separate from your phone was tough? Try carrying around basically a brick in your bag.

7. Having to blow into a video game cartridge before you could play.

Basically the solution to all your technological problems.

8. Needing to go to Blockbuster when you wanted to watch a movie at home.

And throwing a fit when you found out the last person who rented your movie didn't rewind the tape.

9. When your gel pens ran out because everybody would use them.

Though you didn't care so much about your yellow gel pen.

10. Your parents telling you you were too young to own a cellphone.

"But mom I'm 13 years old now"

11. Someone beating your Snake score on your Nokia.

That person was later banned from ever borrowing your phone ever again.

12. Throwing a fit when the pants your mom bought you weren't baggy enough.

They just weren't "Ja Rule" enough.

13. Everybody talking about the emo Livejournal post you wrote the night before.

Too much Green Day.

14. Getting lost just trying to understand how to read a printed map.

Looking like a tourist never looked so obvious.

15. Trying to sharpen your pencil super quietly during a test.

Because those sharpeners were always loud af.

16. Passing notes in class was our version of the sneaky text.

It was always class effort getting a note from one side of the class to the other.

17. Almost having a heart attack when the Dolby Digital Surround screen came on your movie.

It was the same deal with the "Coming Soon To Theatres" screen.

18. Getting mad bruised when playing Red Rover at recess.

The most innocent game turned into a bloodfest.

19. Having to get your pictures developed.

No re-do's; if you were ugly, it was forever immortalized in the photo.

20. Actually having to get out of the car and ring the doorbell to let your friend know you've arrived.

There was no such thing as an "I'm here" text.

21. Texting using a number pad.

It was considered an art if you could do it in your pocket or without looking.

22. Checking on your Tamagotchi only to find it suffocated in its own poop.

Having to start over as a blob really sucked.

23. Believing in your gut and soul that crimped hair was the best hairstyle ever invented.

Never again.

24. Waiting for ages to get the next issue of Highlights magazine in the mail.

We anticipated those mags as eagerly as we do online shopping packages.

25. This damn witch on Math Circus causing you all sorts of grief.

Not again, Harry!

26. Feeling like a smooth criminal whenever you downloaded music using Kazaa or Limewire.

And then getting this damn soundbyte instead.

27. Monophonic ringtones.

Of 50 Cent's "In Da Club".