Photo cred - Rupert Aquino

Who are we kidding it's all about street cred really. Especially in a city like Toronto. You either have it or you don't. It's not something you can learn or pick up on a sunday afternoon. You may acquire it after many years of living here or you might just have it from the get go.

 1. You're unfazed by naked people

2. You jaywalk without looking both ways

3. You don't even flinch when cars honk at you

4. You have some sort of vintage bike

5. You act like nothing is ever a big deal, excitement is so lame

6. You live south of bloor

7. You refuse to go north of bloor

8. You only drink Americanos

9. You only drink Americanos from Jimmy's coffee

10. You once saw a lady give birth on the streets and you were all like "meh whatevs"

11. You don't have a blog, you are that cool

12. You drink PBR in random alleys

13. You run with Rob Ford's crowd

14. And you don't brag about it

15. You get up at the very last minute when getting off the subway

16. You would never go to a blue jays game

17. Yet you wear at blue jays hat (in all fairness it totally goes well with your tattoos)

18. You're friends with a bunch of people who run tattoo shops

19. You know people in fashion

20. You know people in the "industry"

21. You party on monday nights

22. You give hipster bartenders as much attitude as they give you

23. And you get way better service this way

24. You never talk about crazy people on the streetcar

25. You're over it

26. You think banh mi boys is very average

27. You've heard of narcity ;)