Photo cred - Tom Bricker

Toronto is one of the best cities in the world. Our culture is thriving, our food is delicious, our nightlife is jumpin'. We may get frustrated with the subway from time to time, but that's because anything that's worth it takes a little bit of work.At the end of the day, we all love it here, and would never want to leave. Here are just some of the ways that living in Toronto will make you hate any other place you could ever end up in.

1. The view of the skyline is one of the best out there

2. We have the best of whatever you like to eat

3.  Toronto pride gets into your system, and it never leaves

4. You'll never run out of shows to go to

5. Everyone in this city dresses so damn well

6. Because you discover a chill bar you've never been to before every weekend

Like, have you checked out Get Well? Because you can play arcade games there.

7. Our China town is one of the dopest in North America

Seriously, some of the best Chinese food outside of China

8. People in Toronto are mad friendly

9. Your friends are all jealous you live here

10. Our winters are cold, but they're also majestic

11. No matter who you are, there's a part of Toronto that's just for you

12. We're the most diverse city in North America

13. We know how to make the most of winter

14. Hanging out at Trinity Bellwoods with your friends is the best ever

15. The Distillery District is gorgeous all year round

16. Every summer, Caribana rocks your life

17. We live in a major metropolitan city, but can be at the beach, in a forest, or on a farm without ever leaving

18. Our food festivals kick ass

Like Taste of the Danforth, which happens every August

19. The architecture in this city is breathtaking

20. People in this city express themselves like no other

21. We had world pride this summer, and it was the best there ever was

22. We have two weed cafes in this city

Hotbox Cafe in Kensington Market, and The Vapour Social at Church and Wellesley Village.

23. Bike Share Toronto makes life so easy when you're in a rush

24. Walking down the boardwalk on the Toronto Islands on a sunny summer day makes life worth living.

25. You could literally eat somewhere new every day and never taste anything bad

26. Every weekend you make amazing friends you'll probably see again at a random bar three months later

27. Even if you end up leaving, you'll never forget the ridiculous, eclectic life you had here, and you'll miss it desperately.

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