Photo cred - S. Awan

When everyone in your city is as put together as Torontonians are, there's a lot more opportunity to make a complete ass of yourself. There's the standard stuff, like not knowing that Toronto has an island next to it, and there's the more complex, nuanced stuff, that says something about you as a Torontonian. Then there's the stuff that anyone who spends any time in this city should just get.

1. Call it "To-ron-TOE"

2. Not know where the Cameron House is

3. Get really hype about the CN Tower

Photo cred - Nick Redhead

4. Go shopping for Uggs on Queen West

5. Invite them to karaoke anywhere other than Bloor

6. Push the "Stop request" button for a bus that's about to enter the subway

7. Not know that ILoveMakonnen was discovered by Drake

8. Be unable to name a restaurant in Kensington Market

Photo cred - It_paris

9. Not be a fan of Chinese food

10. Make a crack joke about Rob Ford

11. Go to Trinity Bellwoods without a drop of alcohol on you

12. Live here for years and not know what U of T is (or Ryerson, Humber, George Brown, or York)

13. Be afraid of jaywalking

Photo cred - Jason Verwey

14. Be rude to a tourist who's asking for directions

15. Get lost in the Eaton Centre

16. Be surprised that it snowed yesterday

17. Go out to eat in Yorkville and have only $20 on you

18. Being bad at the side-eye

Photo cred - Bobby Jones

19. Visit your Toronto friends without bringing along cheap beer

20. Hate Honest Ed's

21. Get wasted and puke at the Green Room

22. Claim that Dominos is better than Pizzaiolo

23. Stop to check your phone in the middle of the sidewalk on Bay and Richmond

Photo cred - Toronto Public Consultations Unit

24. Get food poisoning at the Ex

25. Expect to find Lake Ontario at Lakeview Ave.

26. Try to collect the coins in the fountain at the Eaton Center

27. Slip and roll down the hill at Christie Pits

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