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You have a busy life here in Toronto, but every once in a while, you step back and notice some weird little quirk this city has that you just can't wrap your head around. As time passes, they start to weigh on you more and more, until you can't tell up from down or right from wrong anymore. It's a problem.

1. You start avoiding walking through Kensington Market at night because you're tired of people trying to sell you weed.

2. You think having fake moose all over the place is a normal thing for a city to do.

3. You thought Pour Boy and Pour Girl were the same bar for the longest time, and finding out that they're in two completely different places blew your mind.

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4. A toddler sneezes in your face every time you go to Yorkdale mall

5. You can only stand to be at Cherry Beach for an hour before the seagulls drive you insane.

6. It keeps taking you over half an hour to get to places that are in the same neighbourhood as where you live.

7. Living in Kensington Market was fun at first, but now you can't get the fish smell coming from Sea Kings and Seven Seas out of your nose.

8. You lose all sense of who you are waiting for the buskers at Dundas Square to stop pacing around and actually start break dancing.

Photo cred - Kat N.L.M.

9. No matter how early you leave the house, you can never seem to get to Aunties and Uncles on time to avoid the line.

10. Your friends are starting to get worried about you because you can't stop eating at Mother's Dumplings.

11. You can't get over the fact that even though there's millions of people in this city, everyone you meet seems to know each other.

12. The long blocks make you feel like you're trapped in a time warp

13. You spend way too much time pressed up against strangers on the TTC

14. All the best apartments are for rent in the dead of winter

15. People like to walk down the street listening to music with no head phones

Photo cred - Robyn Lee

16. You binge watch too much Orphan Black and start having dreams about hanging out at Sneaky Dee's with Sarah Manning

17. No matter how much you plan to take the streetcar home on Saturday night, you always end up finding yourself in a cab, and out $25.

18. Walking into Honest Ed's feels like stepping into another dimension

19. Your first time in the Junction, you keep walking past the same artisanal ice cream shop over and over again, and you become convinced that you're walking in circles. Then you realize that there's just a million artisanal ice cream shops here.

20. The sea of frosted tips at Wonderland will convince you that you've traveled back in time to the early 2000s/the era of b4-4

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21. Spring and fall are a rollercoster of up and down weather that you'll never be properly dressed for

22. Everyone has adorable dogs and you will constantly be plagued by cuteness you can't have

23. You can get pho anywhere, all the time- you quickly become obsessed with pho

24. The Christmas season starts on October 20th

25. People compliment you on weird things, like your eyebrows and nail polish

Photo cred - Ubiq Ulf

26. Walking from one neighbourhood to the next is like stepping into another city

27. There's a farm in the middle of the city and God knows why

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