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2.8 Million Parking Tickets Were Issued In Toronto Last Year, Here Are The Most Ticketed Spots In The City

These Toronto locations are where the most parking tickets have been handed out.

A majority of Torontonians have had it happen to us, we run out of meter time and come back to find a bright yellow parking ticket on the dashboard of our car. Some ticket holders take responsibility for the mistake they made, while others claim that mistakes were never made and it's poor signage or awful parking opportunities that lead them to get the ticket. Regardless, approximately 2.8 million parking tickets are handed out every year across Toronto and here are the spots where locals get ticketed the most.

According to the City of Toronto Open Data Catalogue' every year approximately 2.8 million tickets are issued across Toronto, these tickets are issued by the Toronto Police Services personnel and well as people who are also certified to issue tickets by the TPS. 

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Every year the parking enforcement give enough parking tickets to yield the city an annual revenue of $95 to $100 million. 

While a lot of Torontonians have taken to Twitter to complain about how they hate parking in the city for this exact reason, here are the top ten places that Torontonians get ticketed the most.

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Most tickets spots in Toronto:

  1. 2075 Bayview Ave. (AKA Sunnybrook Health Science Centre)- 8,232 tickets issued. 

  2. 20 Edward Street (AKA Panda Condominiums)-6,320 tickets issued 
  3. 199 Richmond St. W. -4,060 tickets issued 
  4. 1265 Military Trail (AKA University of Toronto Scarborough) -3,713 tickets  issued 
  5. 3401 Dufferin St. (AKA Yordale Shopping Centre)- 3,468 tickets issued 
  6. 15 Marine Parade Dr. - 3,045 tickets issued
  7. Laplante Ave. - 2,862 tickets issued 
  8. 103 The Queensway- 2,747 tickets issued 
  9. 150 Gerrard St. W. (AKA The Toronto General Hospital) -2,565 tickets issued
  10. 1000 Finch Ave. W. (AKA Metro North criminal court) -2,536 tickets issued 

Over 379,000 of the tickets that were issued were for parking at a time or day that parking was prohibited in that area. The second most common reason for ticketing in Toronto is parking on private property, followed by parking on a street without a permit. 

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As shown above, the most common place that Torontonians get ticketed is at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, which is part of the Sunnybrook Hospital. Not only is parking expensive but the lots also fill up very quickly. The most common tickets that were given out in this area were tickets to those who parked in drop-off areas, disability spaces, and ambulance lanes. 

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Torontonians aren't shy when it comes to voicing their opinions on Toronto parking tickets. Many believe that the signs are confusing, roads are closed too often which force drivers to park elsewhere, and some drivers even state that tickets were given them in scenarios that they didn't deserve one. 


January 24, 2019

This Toronto Parking Enforcement Officer gave me a ticket as I was about to clean off my 4x4 truck, then promptly got stuck at the bottom of the street. She then refused my help to get her out...#imnotatoxicmale pic.twitter.com/crTyIKLoXT

January 27, 2019

Thanks to Toronto Parking for the tickets I received at 12:01 for parking on the street when I can’t access my driveway because the road is closed for a water main break @311Toronto @Mark_Grimes. Any idea where I can park when the street is under repair?

October 31, 2018

no parking between 8am to 6pm monday to friday. i parked on saturday 11:30pm. y did i get a parking ticket? #toronto #cityoftoronto #traffic #parking

January 20, 2019

Overall, make sure to recheck parking sings and ensuring that you pay the proper amount before exiting your car to avoid getting a parking ticket this year! 

Source: Toronto Star, City Of Toronto Data Catalog