If you're moving to Toronto from a different city or a small town there are some things you should probably become aware of. There are approximately 2.615 million people living in Toronto,  everything is expensive, the downtown streets are always busy, there are 8,000 restaurants and bars to choose from and you'll never EVER be bored because there is always something to do.

There are also some things that may occur to you when you're new to Toronto that will come off as being offensive. But don't take it to heart because it happens to everyone. Did you make a move to the big city? Here's a list of 27 things you must know when you're new to the 6ix:

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1. The TTC is very frustrating.

A little heads up - public transportation will give you anxiety. The commute will be frustrating but it's really not that complicated. A tip for you - avoid using street cars and buses during rush hour, you'll regret it really bad.

2. WTF is a transfer?

If you're switching subway lines, bus routes or street cars, make sure you get a transfer (it will save you money.) This magical piece of paper will allow you to change public transportation routes without paying fair multiple times.

3. Where is that place that looks like Times Square?

Right across from the Eaton Centre, a mall you will spend an excessive amount of time at (most likely skipping classes if you go to Ryerson.)

4. Why don't people smile when walking down Yonge Street?

Because everyone is in a rush to get from point A to B. Some Torontonians can actually be really nice, more likely on Queen Street.

5. There are over 8,000 restaurants and bars in the city.

Don't just go to Jack Astors. The food and bar scene in Toronto offers plenty of variety.

6. Don't let the BELIEVE guy at Dundas Square get to you.

He yells at everyone. Instead enjoy the chalk art or street performances put on by local Toronto artists.

7. There are only two seasons in Toronto...

Winter and construction.

8. Pedestrians do not have the right of way.

The relationship between pedestrians and vehicle operators is very frustrating. You will understand soon enough.

9. The cyclists will drive you insane.

The relationship between cyclists, pedestrians and vehicle operators is intense.

10. There are raccoons all over the city.

They are citizens.

11. Everything is expensive.

Food, clothes, rent, alcohol, leisure activities... E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

12. Don't bother saving for a ticket to a Leafs or Raptors game.

Stick to a Jays game because they're lots of fun and tickets are super cheap.

13. Booze will empty your wallet.

There are hidden gems in Toronto that will save you a couple of bucks (Sneaky Dee's, The Green Room, The Bar With No Name etc.) But be prepared to spend a lot of money on booze while living in the city. Pre-drinking before going out is key, just make sure you don't get too wasted because you will get rejected at the bar.

14. You can only buy alcohol in 4 places.

The LCBO, Beer Store and Wine Rack and a bar.

15. Drunk munchies are a must.

And you will absorb the booze will food in China Town, Burrito Boyz and at the Thompson Diner.

16. Brunching is a serious thing.

The chicken and waffles at Old School will be the cure to your hangover.

17. The PATH is very useful.

The 29 km underground tunnel has plenty of restaurants and shops. It will also get you from one side of the city to the other, save you from traffic and frost bite during the winter.

18. Last call is 2 AM.

As in oppose to Quebec, Torontonians get 1 hour less of drinking at bars.

19. Have your ID on you at all times.

Whether you're going to party on King and grabbing booze at the LCBO on Spadina, you need your ID or else your night will be ruined.

20. Don't wear heels if you can't walk in them.

Because you don't want to be that girl walking down King West barefoot wasted AF.

21. Uber is everything.

You will spend $30.00 with a taxi driver instead of $5.00 because they will know you're not from Toronto. He will drive you around in circles, when realistically the ride is literally a 2 min walk.

22. The washroom at...

The Maddison, is not luxurious. However, It's a very popular student hangout in the city.

23. If you drive a car...

Be prepared to receive an absurd amount of parking tickets. Or simply just save some money and give up your vehicle... Driving downtown is a disaster.

24. Hipsters are inevitable.

They are everywhere, especially on Queen Street...

25. The coffee scene is for real.

You will go to Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar and all the other hip coffee shops in Toronto.

26. You can actually meet someone decent on Bumble.

Just make sure your radius is set within the downtown core.

27. There are plenty of good looking individuals in Toronto.

Because it is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world and there are over 2.615 million people living here.

28. You can't proudly rep " the city that you're from."

Other than Toronto because it is now home. You'll love, appreciate and thank the 6ix for all the wonderful things it has to offer.

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