Queen's is probably as weird as it is beautiful, so yes, it's pretty f*cking weird. I mean, not only do we have an insane campus that just HAS to be modelled after some English fairytale, but we also have some of the most impressive millennials and faculty members roaming the campus daily. With a cool mix of people, a beautiful and unique town like the 613, and impeccable programs and activities, what is to be expected? You are BOUND to develop some things that can only be described as "so Queen's". Meaning? For people walking onto campus who don't know the daily ins and out of tri-colour and QP tropical sangria, things could seem a little strange.

First, we have our traditions. When it comes to those we don't just mess around with some cheers from way back when; we take it to the next level. We have people climbing up greasy poles in mud pits to grab Tams, there are people painted head to toe in silver running around in September, it's not only normal but expected to see mobs of students all rocking the exact same bright purple leather jackets (GPA GPA GPA). These may sound weird to others but to us, they're the things that we love about our school. I mean come on what did you expect, we're older than Canada, we've aged these traditions like a fine ass pinot grigio and we're not about the put away the glass just yet.

Then obviously you have our majestic campus that "coincidently" looks like Hogwarts mixed with the fact were in the middle of one of the most underrated cities off the 401. Queen's students develop a way of moving around this funky layout, learning the in and outs of the campus and the city all while coming to realise there are certain things that give Queen's a certain je ne sais quoi.

But the only issue is that je ne sais quoi is quite literal for any single person visiting the campus. Sure you can take a tour, learn about the libraries - but there are some things you'll never really understand until you call the 613 your home.


1. Seeing this spectacle trek across campus at the end of every first semester.


2. Our love for tri-colour anything and everything.

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3. The need to do this in Stauff after a 4 hour grind.

We get it.


4. Seeing this spectacle.

Revolution? Angry seamstresses?

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5. Queen's Players.

The only way to describe it? Raunchy play with lots of sexual innuendos and Schooners (and even that description doesn't do it justice).


6. Seeing someone rocking a full sweatsuit at undies next a girl in 6-inch platforms at Throwback

Come as you are!

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7. Why people would willingly wear bathing suits and GPAs exclusively, 24/7, for ALL of Frost Week.

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8. The sheer devotion any mug carrying student has to head to the Brooklyn every Tuesday.

MOD tonight? Obviously.

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9. Why it's an honour to get to wear your hair like this for a week straight.


10. The intention behind the girl who slapped a horse on homecoming this ye- nah, that confused the f*ck out of us too.


11. The top secret.

It's spicy, carby and delicious.


12. Aberdeen St. on homecoming/St. Patty's day.

Basically Aberdeen in general.

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13. The spot.

It may be behind a Burger King but it's at the front of our hearts.


14. The odd nostalgia you'll hear when Queen's students talk about Fluid.

The legacy of Fluid Thursdays lives on.

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15. Why everyone constantly feels so good.....?

And flourishes that sentiment with an elegant hip thrust.

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16. Why you'll hear people complain about their walk from the ARC to Bio-Sci for a lecture.



17. The constant athleticism of the Phe-Kin faculty.


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18. Bachelor Monday's at QP.

It's like walking into the parallel universe of the Superbowl night at QP, but for fake romance (and sangria).


19. The excitement you get when they put a 5th chicken finger with your four piece.


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20. How the Tim Horton's line in the ARC never ever dies down.

Double-doubles all day.


21. Why people order an infinite number of Turbos every Friday afternoon at Clark.

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22. The essential class hau5 pre your Monday 830am.

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23. Seeing people decked out in togas and painted silver running around all frosh week

Shine bright like a diamond.

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24. How you can never fail to count on seeing at least one bake sale on campus every single day.

Daily cookies for a good cause? We ain't complaining.


25. The savage rule that if first year engineers are caught wearing their GPAs before their final exam the sleeves of their jackets get torn off.

Pre turning them in to receive free drinks at Clark.


26. How the Peer Support Centre literally never fails to make our day.

There to listen, to whoever, or whatever - the PSC's support, and the people working there, are true gems.

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27. The need for people to show up to Stauff at 7 am during exam season to find a seat.

Like...if you left.

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28. Walking down University Ave. right after class gets out.

Bikes, longboards, the occasional hoverboard, and even the aggressive speed walkers trying to make it to bio sci in the next ten minutes from their lecture in Dunning. What did every single Queen's student and their second cousin just come out of the same lecture or...?

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29. How much you miss it when you Graduate.

Cha Gheill.