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3 Brewers Revealed Their All-New Menu And You Must Try It This Summer

Good food, good beer, and good vibes.
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3 Brewers Revealed Their All-New Menu And You Must Try It This Summer

Chances are, your version of a perfect summer day probably includes a stopover at your absolute favourite restaurant, maybe sipping on some ice cold beer, noshing on some good food, and most likely chilling on a patio. 

And chilling on a patioat your favourite restaurant is guaranteed to make you feel like you're on vacation, even if it's 6:00 PM on a Monday and you've got to get up for work the next day. Which is fine... to be honest, it's important to live these little summer moments to the fullest. Definitely with your loved ones, too (AKA your boyfriend, girlfriend, and/or friends). 

If reading the words 'restaurant' and 'patio' gave you a severe case of FOMO... well, I might be making it a little bit worse right now (sorry!) by letting you know all about a restaurant that you absolutely have to revisit:

The 3 Brewers. I say revisit because you definitely know all about 3 Brewers... except this time, they're 100% slaying the game.

To make your 3 Brewers experience even more awesome, the microbrewery/restaurant has seriously pimped out their menu - which, by the way, was constructed so that all food pairs perfectly with their exclusively brewed 3 Brewers. 

And what exactly is on the brand new menu? Well, prepare to drool:

via @3brasseursca

The Entrees

It'll definitely be hard to choose between all the 3 Brewers new entrees (those Beer-Battered fries though!). But you'll 110% fall in love with their Tuna Poke Lettuce Wraps, made with tuna, mango, and avocados.

via @3brasseursca

The Perfect Sharing Plate

If you're with a few friends and feel like munching on something a little different, the huge Signature Toulouse Sausage served with crostini on a bed of sauteed onions is a must!

via @3brasseursca

The Flammekueches

You've seriously got to try this flatbread, a recipe coming straight from the north of France. For the vegetarian in your group, the Campania is an awesome choice (with roasted red peppers, fresh red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, house-made Flamm sauce, and more).

If not, definitely try the Tandoori Chicken Flammekueche: delicious flatbread topped with creamy Tandoori chicken.

And it gets better... every Sunday, you can get your choice of Flammekueche + 1/2 a pint of beer for only $15. So I guess I know what you'll be doing this Sunday.

via @3brasseursca

The Burgers & Sandwiches 

If you're looking for something savoury and delicious, definitely check out the Goat Cheese & Roasted Peppers Sandwich, with pesto-marinated red peppers, arugula and goat cheese on focaccia bread. You won't regret it!

Another idea if you're feeling a little more original: try the Chicken & Waffles sandwich. Marinated chicken breaded in pretzel flour (!) with bacon and veggies, served between two Belgian waffles. I mean, yum!

Oh, and if you're feeling a little spicy? The Sriracha burger is perfect for you: featuring a juicy 100% beef burger, Swiss cheese, house-made hot pepper relish, and Sriracha mayonnaise.

via @bodekdek

The Pub Food

More traditional plates - with a fun little twist! - are all found here. For the chicken lover amongst you, the BBQ Cajun Chicken is an awesome option, especially considering it's served with special beer sauce! Oh, and fish lovers, just try to resist their Rainbow Trout served with jasmine rice and butter sauce.

The Salads

If you think salads aren't a thing, then prepare to be amazed. The 3 Brewers' Bocconcini and Melon salad (with bocconcini cheese, grape tomatoes melons and prosciutto) is a perfect mix that legit screams "summer"!

Their Tuna Carpaccio salad, with ginger-citrus vinaigrette, thin slices of yellowfin tuna, and fresh greens, will also become one of your favourite options for sure!

via @3brasseursca

For Your Sweet Tooth

Real talk: everyone has a sugar lover in their group. For those people, no worries: 3 Brewers has got your back. The Pineapple Carpaccio is a huge treat: thinly sliced pineapple and kiwi drizzled with a coconut-lime-ginger sauce, and topped with vanilla ice cream and toasted coconut. Served up with a Cloud 9 Shake, you've got an unbeatable dessert combination.

No matter what you decide to try, though, you're guaranteed to have three things: good food, good beer, and an amazing time. It's the perfect spot to take your friends or significant other or to go to before a show, a party, or a festival. And they've got some pretty amazing daily promos too that you can surely benefit from!

To check out the closest location to you, check out The 3 Brewers' website, and for more information, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages!