We all want to win the lottery. Suddenly being showered with millions of dollars and not having to work anymore is basically everyone’s fantasy.

Unfortunately winning the lottery is a real long shot considering the odds and we’ve all been told that we can’t exactly just cheat somehow to get our hands on all the cash.

But 3 people did figure out a way to cheat, and they won big because of it. These 3 family members in Ontario took home $12.5 million on a ticket that came into their possession fraudulently.

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See 1 of the 3 involved in the scam, Kenneth Chung, managed a store in Burlington called Variety Plus, Chung’s own father worked there as well. The third person in this scandal was another member of the Chung family.

What happened, is that the trio had been stealing lottery tickets from the store for over an 8 month period way back in 2004. During that time, one of those tickets ended up drawing winning numbers and the family won $12.5 million.

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Now if you’re wondering how they could possibly get away with this the answer is that they didn’t.

Earlier this week the 3 were found guilty of possessing the stolen ticket and defrauding the OLG.

The OPP seized the family’s bank accounts, as well as 5 expensive cars, 2 houses, and jewellery and electronics that they say were all purchased after they cashed in the winning ticket.

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So it looks like the old saying that ‘crime doesn’t pay’ is still true in this case.

Source: CBC