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3 Services In Toronto That Will Help You Discover Your True Self

See yourself in a new light.

Life is just one big game of self-discovery. We spend most of our time immersing ourselves in things that we believe will make us better. We go to school in pursuit of higher knowledge, get gym memberships to take care of our bodies, and dabble in a multiplicity of arts to exercise our souls. Some people do all of these things and still don't know who we are, while others seem to be truly comfortable in their own skin. Yet, even the latter still have a lot more to discover about themselves.

There are a variety of services offered in Toronto that can help you become more acquainted with who you are. Some of these are services that you'd typically seek under special circumstances, but they are available nonetheless to those who are yearning to uncover the secrets of their own being. Here are 3 things you can do to learn something new about yourself:

1. Conduct a DNA health assessment // Medcan Genetics (150 York St)

You can learn a lot about yourself just from your DNA, especially when it comes to your health. Your parents are probably your sole source of information when it comes to your family history, but sometimes they alone cannot give you an accurate overview. Medcan offers genetic counselling services to help you determine the health risks you could possibly face in the future based on your family history. Personalized genetic testing takes your DNA and analyses it to see what rare or common diseases you may be susceptible to, as well as recommendations for any lifestyle changes you could implement to decrease your risk. For more information, check out their fact sheet on genome testing here.

2. Do an ancestry test to trace your roots //EasyDNA (100 King St)

Your past is an important part of your identity. We all have that one friend who seems to be able to list their ethnic makeup to their exact percentages. EasyDNA has a variety of ancestry tests that take your DNA and examines it to track your roots. The test requires you to submit 4 oral swabs and determines what percentage of you is Indigenous American, European, East Asian and Sub-Saharan African. Although it doesn't give you an exact tracing through your lineage, it's a great way to start unravelling your origins. EasyDNA also offers more in-depth ancestry tests, including paternal and maternal lineage tests.

3. Get your dreams "read" and interpreted // Jungian Analyst (306 South Kingsway)

Have you ever wondered what your dreams meant? The study and analysis of dreams is actually a part of the practice of psychology, and there are people called Jungian analysts who explore the unconscious part of thinking - dreams, daydreams, fantasies, and other symbols. Elisabeth Pomès is a certified Jungian analyst whose hour-long sessions typically involve discussions about life issues, dreams, and abstract thoughts. Her goal is to examine these aspects to aid one in making better and more informed decisions. Jungian analysis is not to be confused with things like palm reading and fortune telling. Unlike those activities, Jungian analysis has a solid basis rooted in psychology principles.