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30 MSN Memories Everybody Knows All Too Well

Brb, mom's gonna use the phone.
30 MSN Memories Everybody Knows All Too Well

It's hard to believe that there once was a time when Facebook wasn't our primary mode of communicationBack then, touch screens were nothing but a dream idea and the apps that we now hold so dear to us were things you only accessed on a computer. Some of you may wonder how people survived back then without all of those things.

Well, the truth is we survived just fine; and really, we have MSN Messenger to thank for that. MSN Messenger gave us some of the best years of our lives. It helped us vent our thoughts, fortify friendships and even tackle individual school assignments together. Here are 30 MSN memories every Torontonian knows all too well:

1. Rushing home so you could spend hours talking to your friends (even if you already spent an entire day with them).

The typical Torontonian routine.

2. Logging in and out multiple times to get your crush's attention.

And having absolutely no luck.

3. Asking for someone's MSN username instead of their phone number.

Receiving an email address made you happier than receiving a 416 number.

4. Cringy usernames.

"Tdot_4pplebott0mz_ang3l1992 has just signed in."

5. Changing your profile picture was the most important decision of your life.

You refused to use the rubber ducky stock photo.

6. Once you found out about 'Character Map' you abused it.

°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸Jυsт ℓιкє тнιѕ °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

7. Deciding which Avril Lavigne or Simple Plan lyric to put as your personal message.

And you went with Sk8r Boi lyrics because it was playing on Much Music.

8. Being AFK because you were busy on Habbo or Runescape.

...Or designing your Tdotwire pages.

9. Hitting "Space, Enter" fifty million times when your parents walked in.

Gotta hide those kissy emoticons your crush sent you.

10. Putting your status as "Away" or "Busy" even though you were talking to like 20 people.

All the cool kids in Toronto did it.

11. Asking one of your friends to see if a mutual blocked you.

And having to deal with the awkwardness at school the next day when you find out they did.

12. When 'emojis' were called 'emoticons'.

Nothing will ever beat the originals.

13. Destroying your friends in Minesweeper Flags was all that mattered in your life.

Studying for the EQAO can wait.

14. Taking screenshots of your friends at their ugliest moments during a webcam conversation.

And teasing them by saying you're going to post it on your for all of Toronto to see.

15. Copy and pasting entire conversations to show your friend.

There were no such thing as secrets on MSN Messenger.

16. You always had that one person who used bright fonts and comic sans.

Usually it was the rare student in your class who was in cadets or something.

17. People who typed a word per line.

No chill.

18. Seeing the 'dot dot dot' and wondering if your friend had something serious to say or if she was just a slow typer.

Then getting outraged when they stopped and sent you nothing.

19. Sending mp3 files to each other took a century.

So you just downloaded it yourself on LimeWire.

20. Nudging your friends to annoy them.

The original Facebook "poke".

21. 'Appearing offline' was the best way to avoid people.

When you were sick of all that Toronto high school drama.

22. The feature where you could make any image you wanted an emoticon.

And the first one you made was one of your own face.

23. Caps lock and multiple exclamation marks were often used for emphasis.


24. Playing your music on Windows Media Player so people could see what you were listening too.

"Be Easy" by Massari was your jam and you wanted everyone to know.

25. Being added by someone you don't know, then being asked who you are.

I can't.

26. Brb, ttyl, and g2g were used at least once every conversation.

Probably because Search For The Next Doll was on CTV.

27. Pretending you didn't mean to send something even though you did.

"Sorry that was my friend."

28. Stealing people's names and formatting started wars.

Like this one.

29. Group chats were a mess.

And you never knew who actually started them.

30. Wanting to cry when you found out MSN Messenger was shutting down.

April 2013 was a sad, sad time for Toronto (and the world).

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