Photo cred - Tim Fraser Photography

-Me, I just coined that.

Toronto is filled with tons of romantic spots made for lovebirds of the lasting kind. Whether it's love in a burrito shack or the whole run of the mill picnic thing, Toronto has it and you want it because who doesn't want to be in love and have it last forevaaaaa?

Here is a list of 30 places that will surely have her/him saying "Yes I do!"

1. Sky Yard @ The Drake Hotel

Climate defiant year round patio, snuggle up around a fire and whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

2. Rooftop Patio @ The Thompson

Overlook the city, order the Millionaire, and imagine your soon-to-be amazing lives together. (Obviously book a room)

3. Bike along the waterfront

Sit on his handlebars as you ride lake side then get ice cream, it’ll be like a movie.

4. Sashimi @ Spice Route

I would marry a frog if it fed me sashimi that good.

5. Blue Jays Game Jumbotron

A Toronto classic. What says love more than over-priced hot dogs, beer, and a jumbotron?

6. Milkshakes @ Rose and Sons

Order one milkshake, get two straws, play footsies under the table and love each other forever.

7. A bottle of wine & Sugar Beach

Grab a bottle of wine at the nearby LCBO, snag some patios chairs off in the distance, giggle, and enjoy the view.

8. Go to a Second City Show

Solid deal sealer right here.

9. Oysters & Champagne @ La Societe

You will feel like you’re in Paris and that’s a sure indication that your love will last.

10. Take someone flying in your plane

If you have a plane. If you are a pilot.

11. Picnic in Trinity Bellwoods with a side of pizza Libretto

Grab some PBR, pizza from Libretto and head to Bellwoods. Sometimes unclassy things are really classy.

12. 90’s Night @ Clinton’s

Dance your face off, be sweaty, a little Sugar Ray, nothing says love like the 90’s.

13. Go to a Paint Nite

Find out when the next event is happening, book tickets, drink cocktails, and paint a pretty picture together.

14. Tasting Menu @ Shoto

Love is in the air.

15. Skating and hot chocolate @ Harbourfront

Somethings never change.

16. The Royal Cinema on College

Dress like you’re from the Victorian era, go watch an indie film, and be tacky together.

17.  Dinner @ Ruby Watch Co

The menu is set and changes daily so you can’t pick and choose, so don’t complain once you realize there are no other options and you are stuck with each other forever…

18. Stroll and Eat on the Danforth

Who doesn’t like Greek food? A little ouzo and moussaka and I’m yours forever.

19. Watch a movie @ TIFF Bell Lightbox

There is a movie here for everyone, also check out one of their sweet patios after for a drink.

20. Beaches Boardwalk

Keep it simple. Walk along the beach, look in each others eyes and know they’re the one.

21. The Docs Drive-in

If you have a car or can borrow one, flash back to the 60’s and dream of picket fences, green lawns, and many many children together.

22. O Noir

Eat in the pitch dark, have blind people serve you, and then decide to get married.

23. See a play in High Park

Feel cultural, watch some Shakespeare, share a mickey of Fireball Whiskey under the stars after.

24. Spend an afternoon on the Patio @ Le Select Bistro

Some serious European vibes happening here, sure to turn the coldest of hearts onto the whole romance thing.

25. The view @ Panorama

If you take me here...I will marry you. Hands down. No questions asked.

 26. Snakes and Lager’s

If you’re “gamer” types, I could smell love in the air.

27. Skyline and Dinner @ Canoe

Classic move.

28. Stroll thru the Distillery & get gelato @ Soma

It’s just so pretty here. So pretty. And that sweet. Bunch a love birds.

29. Steamwhistle Brewery Tour

Get all tipsy together, confess you want to be together forever, and sneak into the CN tower for a romantic illegal view. (Note: must have dinner reservations, so get some dinner reservations, cancel them from the bathroom, and enjoy the view)

30. Whopper Wednesday’s

The dark horse of romantic date spots, sure to win over any ladies love.