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30 Struggles Of Living In Richmond Hill In Your 20s

Ah, the joys of living in the suburbs. But not really though. I mean, it's peaceful and beautiful and filled with green everywhere, but there's literally nothing to do, especially when you don't have a car. How am I supposed to reach my full potential when I'm confined to this little town?

However, there are a lot of great things that come along with living in Richmond Hill, such as the York Regional Police Twitter account and the abundance of shawarma and bubble tea places. Honestly, it's not that horrible living in the 905, but sometimes you just need to let out all your frustration.

1. Your friends from other towns refuse to come to see you because you're too far.

2. You have to make a mission and a half to see your friends.

3. Especially your downtown friends.

4. People from out-of-town only come to see Canada Day fireworks at Richmond Green.

5. Going to bars downtown means having to drive.

6. Having to drive means being the designated driver.

7. Being the designated driver means no alcohol for you.

8. It also means driving all your friends home.

9. And getting home an hour or two later than expected.

10. If you decide to cab instead of drive, it's an $80 fare.

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11. It's all families and children living here.

12. You rarely spot anybody your age.

13. You rarely spot any hot people.

14. Except the occasional MILF or DILF.

15. If you don't have a car and don't have access to your parents' cars, you can't go anywhere because nothing is within walking distance.

16. The YRT makes you cry.

17. Especially when it shows up 20 minutes late.

18. If you're going to school, you probably commute.

19. It's a mission to get to Finch and it's even more of a mission to get downtown.

20. You don't go to any school events because you have to commute so far.

21. You probably hate commuting.

22. And you don't hang out with your downtown friends that much.

23. Because ain't nobody got time for that hour and a half trek.

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24. Taking the GO bus or train cuts that time in half, but it's also a $6 one way fare.

25. Richmond Hill GO doesn't run on weekends.

26. Markham has better food.

27. Besides all the places to eat, the best place to hang out is the theatre.

28. Parking at the theatre on Tuesdays or weekends.

29. Shopping means having to go all the way to Fairview or Vaughan Mills.

30. Hillcrest Mall.

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