30 Surefire Signs You're The Perfect Couple

Move over, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.
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30 Surefire Signs You're The Perfect Couple

In today's media we are constantly bombarded with photos of adorable couples like Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez, better known as the "that perfect couple on Instagram, who seem to have an endless supply of cashflow to travel the world and have never eaten a carb in their life. But who's not to say that your relationship is equally as awesome? In fact, I'm convinced that the happiest couples are usually the weirdest.

So how can you be sure that your relationship trumps that of Alexis and Jay, or Kanye and Kim, or even John and Chrissy? We're here to give you 30 signs you are in a perfectly imperfect relationship:

1. You know that communication is key.

2. You hold hands wherever you go; it's second nature.

 3. You surprise your s/o all the time. Spontaneity keeps the spark alive!

4. You have sex at least twice a week (but probably way more than that, let's be real).

5. You get excited by the same previews at the movies. New Nicholas Sparks movie? Hell yes!

6. You plan a romantic date at least twice a month and never really got over the "courting" phase.

7. You like to cook up feasts for each other...even if you fail miserably sometimes.

8. You basically have two families (and sometimes prefer their's over your's...)

9. You have at least 100 mutual friends on Facebook...and therefor get tonnes of likes on your cute profile pics together.

10. You enjoy double dates and they no longer make you cringe.

11. You inspire and motivate your s/o and you are very proud of each other.

12. You make the effort to give compliments daily.

13. You don’t like to spoon but you still TRY to fall asleep in each other arms.

14. You realize that sometimes a good make-out sesh is just as important as sex.

15. You still enjoy going out and partying with your s/o.

16. You learn from one another and help each other grow.

17. You can look like sh!t and they still somehow think you look good.

18. You have weird af nicknames for each other...and hope that the rest of the world never finds out what they are.

19. You respect each other’s privacy and have NEVER felt the need to creep through each other's phone.

 20. You act gross together...and are totally ok with it.

21. You forgive quickly and never hold a grudge.

22. You travel together and love to step out of your comfort zone.

23. You're basically best friends.

24. You don't judge each other, even during each other's least finest moments.

25. You can talk entirely in emojis (a skill only couples in ~tru luv~ possess).

26. You don’t stress about money; either you don’t mind splitting the bill or you are happy to treat your s/o.

27. You're sleep schedules are basically in synch.

28. You  don’t get jealous over the past (or a like on Facebook).

29. You find silence peaceful rather awkward.

30. You already knew that you are in a perfect relationship! ?

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Laurie Bergeron
Associate Director, Content Development