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30 Things All UofT Students Should Do At Least Once

As another school year begins, we welcome a new generation of students who are about to embark on the next chapter of their lives - university. At UofT, the student experience is so much more than just studying and academics.

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Of the countless things to do on campus, there are a couple of things that every UofT student should want to accomplish before they graduate. Here are 30 of those quintessential things:

1.  Spend an entire night at Robarts.

Stu(dying) with the company of friends (or not studying at all).

2. Attend a public show at the Dunlap Planetarium.

Tickets are only $5 to $6 per person!

3. Grab a snack (or two) at the Sid Smith Café  or Diabolos Coffee Bar between your classes.

Also check out the food trucks that frequently park outside by the Sid Smith steps.

4. Participate in a research study conducted by the UofT Department of Psychology.

For the pursuit of science.

5. Attend one of the free concerts or events held by the Faculty of Music.

There are several to choose from. Check out this calendar for more information.

6. Spend at least one spring or summer day on the Trinity quad greens.

It's beautiful in the warmer months.

7. Check out the UofT Drama Festival at least once.

Support the school's drama program!

8. Join one of the 800 student clubs at UofT.

You're bound to find at least one that you're suited for.

9. Opt out of the student health and/or dental plan and save some money.

If it benefits you.

10. Take a stroll through Philosopher's Walk.

It's only customary that you do.

11. Snap a customary photo of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.

Bless your Instagram with its beauty.

12. Catch a free movie at one of the CINSSU's Friday events.

Free movies every Friday!

13. Get your hair did at the Hart House Hair Place.

All of their staff are very talented.

14. Try out the art of beekeeping with UofT B.E.E.S.

It's one of the only places where you can actually try it.

15. Buy some UofT merch at the Bookstore.

Show your school pride!

16. Snap an obligatory selfie with the cherry blossom trees by Robarts.

They're dreamy.

17. Attend at least one "Dinner With 12 Strangers"

You never know who you'll end up meeting!

18. Contribute an article to one of the campus newspapers.

Get your words out there.

19. Check out Free Friday Films at the Innis Town Hall Cinema.

What's better than free?!

20. Go for a swim at the pool in the Hart House.

Maybe even skinny dip when no one's around.

21. Avail of the free therapy sessions offered at Counselling and Psychological Services.

Talk with a counsellor on an entire range of topics.

22. Study in one of the fancy pods at the Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy building.

Because who wouldn't want to study in a pod?

23. Book a cover letter or resume critique at the Career Centre.

They're super helpful!

24. Take a date to the Skygarden.

Or go on a tour with some friends.

25. Get to know your profs personally and via "Stuff Uoft Professors Say"

You'll always come across great stuff on that page!

26. Look to the heavens through one of the telescopes at McLennan Physical Labs.

It's even better if you anticipate a major astronomical event.

27. Contribute a post to "Spotted at UofT"

Join their Facebook group too!

28. Book one of the badminton, squash, tennis or table tennis courts with your friends.

Or check out the drop-in programs at the Athletic Centre.

29. Actually go to any Blues varsity game during the season.

Cheer on one (or all) of your school's varsity teams.

30. Pose with your degree in front of University College.

To say farewell to a great era of your life.

BONUS: Paint the dome atop the UTSU building.

Check out UofT Magazine for more awesome ideas!

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