30 flirty and thriving sounds fantastic when it's coming from a young/cool Jennifer Garner. But there's something about that number that makes people cringe. Sure it's just a number, but the psychological difference between 29 and 30 holds the power that sends most people signing up for e-harmony accounts.

When your under twenty the world isn't just your oyster, it's your f*cking seafood buffet. It's the magical time where student loans take the back seat to cocktails that cost more than your rent. The time where your liver can still treat weekdays like weekends, and where ramen noodles with siracha count as fine dining.

What is a better place to experience these terrifyingly independent years than in Toronto? Let loose from the limited life of curfews, Toronto isn't just your city, but your playground. With so much to do 24/7 here are the things you have to hit before common sense starts to kick in. What good story ever started with a reasonable decision?

1. Go to one of the crazy music festivals in Toronto

To be honest I can barely make it through one now, that sh*t requires some serious stamina and just a dash of dumb decisions that will keep you going the whole weekend. With so many festivals in Toronto like Veld, Bestival, TURF (Toronto Urban Roots Festival), Electric Island- you have plenty of options!

2. Rent an unreal Airbnb with your friends for the weekend // One of these

Treat you and your friends to an amazing night (or two) in a luxury Airbnb right in the heart of the city. Do it while you still have the energy to pull an all-nighter and you can soak in all the late night #views Toronto has to offer.

3. Spend a day biking on one of these amazing trails 

Have some fun and take advantage of the peak of your physique. What's a better way to spend a gorgeous day in the 6ix than riding through it!

@harbourfrontcentreembedded via

4.  DJ Skate Nights // 235 Queens Quay West 

Like athletes straight off the podium, we're in our prime of life. Why not take advantage of it and combine two amazing things, skating and raving (okay, at least you like to rave) and join the Dj Skate Nights at the Harbourfront Center. Every year they come through Toronto and set up a dope night out on the ice that includes party and rave stops all winter long. Finally, a time where neon spandex are socially appropriate.

5. Go On A Tinder Date // One of these places

He swipes right for me, he swipes right for me not. Why not take advantage or the years where you can have dates that make for even better stories? The Tinder world is bursting with people trying to have a good time, and for the hopelessly romantic: find love. Will your life turn into a date off the bachelorette? Not saying no.

6. Go to Gracies on a Thursday // Grace O'Malley's

So this may be something to hit before 20...22 at the latest. But still a must for anyone who wants the true Toronto experience. You'll dance to the live music with youngens' fresh out of high school who still don't really know what the term "pacing" means in a bar. Long story short, this place is a great time but one to hit on the younger years of your climb to 30.

7. Spend a day all to yourself // Kew Beach

It happens to all of us, we get caught up in Instagram feeds and supermodel advertisements and suddenly we just spent 200 dollars on ballet barre/spin/yoga membership. Why not take some time to find out what you actually like and spend some quality time with the real mvp. (That's you, duh.) With so much going on in your twenties it's key to take some time to unwind, and remember what you actually love.

8. Go Wild At A Japanese Pub / Kinka Izakaya

And by "a" Japanese Pub we of course mean Kinka Izakaya. It's THE place to go if you're looking to switch up your regular appetizer and entree meal. Here you're greeted by confusing cheers from the entire staff and it doesn't stop the entire meal. It's constant energy the whole time, and something you'll definitely appreciate under 30.

9. Play Archery Tag and Unleash Your Inner Badass // Archery District 

Because when are you going to have this much free time to fill with something as hilarious as ARCHERY TAG?!

10. Meet some new people to explore the city with // Bunz Friending Zone 

More friends, more fun! The twenties is the prime time to make friends and have new adventures, because from people just moving to the city to adapting to a new lifestyle; everyone is looking for that extra support to make the transition a little more exciting.

11. Spend all night dancing on the poles at Tequila Jacks 

That takes some serious stamina, with just a dash of young, wild and free. When you're young there's a certain, je ne sais quoi that happens when you go out that will let you have an unreal time.

12. Go to a drop in trapeze class at the Toronto School Of Circus Arts 

If you're like us, then you're not getting any bendier either. Embrace your fearless 20 something self and spend Friday night pulling off a little Cirque Du Soliel magic!

13. XO Karaoke

Sometime before you're 30 you absolutely have to end up finishing the night off in the heart of Korea town at a karaoke bar like XO Karaoke. When you're under 30 you could care less about the tune of your voice, and who doesn't want to belt out some good old Spice Girls/Adele/Aerosmith/Taylor Swift or whatever artist you're feeling while you still give less than one fVck per note?

14. Swim With Sharks

Fish (AND US) are friends, NOT food. Basically that's the mantra you'll be saying the whole time during Ripley's new Discovery Dive.

15. Belt out the Spice Girls in your Uber on the way to one of these night clubs

Cause don't you just HAVE to tell all of the DVP what you want, what you really really want before you're 30?! If the driver has an AUX cord even better.

Those are the top ones we just had to include, but to make this list even sweeter we added some extra things to make an unreal bucket list!

16. Step up your insta game and go on a cross-city photo shoot to these walls

17. Spend some quality time with your real baes (ie. your squad) at one of these restaurants

18. Run in to absolutely everyone you have ever known on a Friday night at The Madison Avenue Pub

19. Join the tech startup trend and take a coding course at Light House Labs

20. Absolutely dominate the night scene with one of these night hosts that will get you the VIP treatment you deserve

21. For all those living the cheap student life (slash everyone), grab some cheap drinks at Lees Palace

22. Kick your karma into gear and check out Volunteer Toronto

(This can DEFINITELY continue post 30, but it's never too early to expand your horizons and help out.)

23. Finish your night off (or make it the destination) at one of these places for some QUALITY drunk eats

24. Grab some friends and start a pick up game of volleyball at Ashbridges Bay

25. Explore the city by bike on one of these gorgeous trails

Peak physical condition people, you're all basically at Rio right now.

26. Pretend that your not starting that entry level job (avec entry level salary) and hit up Holt Renfrew to try some designer brands on and pretend to be a diva for the day

27. Take a segway tour around the Disterilly District

We got (limited) balance now, we're using it.

28. Take advantage of some of the amazing free resources at the Toronto Reference Library (especially helpful for all you students!)

29. Meet your life long (okay....hour long) best friend on the lawn at a concert at The Molson Ampitheatre

30. And finally do what under 30's do best, go wild at one of the insane live music shows at Bovine Sex Club

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