Fall is the best season; stupidly, absolutely, hands-down the best. Autumn is the ultimate time to explore all the things that you can’t do during the warmer months, and we’ve got a list for you on how you can enjoy the absolute best of the season.

With endless activities such as pumpkin picking and various haunted attractions, here’s a compiled list of things to add to your bucket list this fall in Ontario.

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Go Apple Picking At Albion Orchards

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Apple picking is fun no matter where you go, and Albion Orchards is one of the many farms to experience it in. Located in Caledon, a town about an hour from Toronto, the farm produces fresh apples for you to choose from.


Spend A Weekend At A Cottage In Tobermory

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While Tobermory is especially beautiful during the summer, it can be just as breathtaking during fall. Surrounded with colourful trees and a water that remains just as blue, renting a cottage at this famous destination is definitely something to add to your bucket list.


Go On The Hayride At Lindley's Farm

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Located in Ancaster, a community within the city of Hamilton, Lindley’s Pumpkin Patch is filled with multiple activities during the fall, though their hayride is definitely a highlight.


Spend A Relaxing Afternoon At Ste. Anne's Spa

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There’s something spas in the fall that make it so much more relaxing. I’m thinking it has something to do with the scenery, or maybe the silence of the outdoors; either way, the wine that they offer also always helps.


Enjoy A Cozy Night At Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters

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Move over Starbucks and your pumpkin spice lattes - because the fall season is the perfect opportunity to explore the province’s comfiest cafes. While there are endless cozy coffee shops scattered across Ontario, the Smile Tiger in Kitchener is definitely something worth road tripping for.


Attend Upper Canada Village's Pumpkinferno

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Walk through a stunning pumpkin wonderland at Upper Canada Village’s Pumpkinferno, the province’s go-to pumpkin attraction.


Celebrate Oktoberfest In Kitchener-Waterloo

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Okay so this isn’t in Germany, a place where we would all rather like to spend the famous drinking holiday, but the Oktoberfest in Kitchener-Waterloo is just as rowdy and definitely closer. This year’s festival runs from October 5 until the 13.


Learn How To Bake A Pie At Le Dolci

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Pies are not only delicious, but also somewhat of a tradition during the fall season. From pumpkin pies and the always crisp apple pie, Le Dolci, a bake shop in Toronto, offers lessons on how to bake this yummy treat.


Go For A Hike Along One Of Hamilton's Many Trails

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Hamilton is filled with an endless amount of hiking trails and waterfalls, and while the weather may get a little bit colder during the fall season, that’s when the trails truly capture the city’s beauty. Surrounded by colourful trees and scenery, a hike along one of their various paths is a must.


Attend An NHL Game

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My dad is obsessed with hockey, and while I mostly ignore his babbling about who-traded-who during the summer, I do tend to get into the sport when the official seasons start in October. A hallmark of Canadian culture, attending an NHL game is definitely something looking into.


Tour A Winery In Prince Edward County

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Prince Edward County is a stunning Ontario destination. Apart from their countryside vibes and relaxation, it’s the wineries that truly make a stay here worth your while.


Run Through The Hanes Corn Maze

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This is a big one, and I mean that literally. Carved into over 25 acres of 10’ tall walls of Cornstalks, this Dundas corn maze is something to get lost in this year.


Attend The Bala Cranberry Festival

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The Bala Cranberry Festival is held in Muskoka every year on the weekend after Thanksgiving. A tradition since 1984, this event should be a priority on your Ontario fall bucket list.


Visit Kitchener-Waterloo's Fear Farm

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I mean, this one looks fun and all - but, you know, just be prepared to lose a couple nights of sleep.


Rent A Chalet In Blue Mountain

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Blue Mountain is known for being both a summer and winter retreat, but what they forget to advertise is how beautiful the resort becomes during the fall season. With colourful leaves and an yet another opportunity to grab a Beaver Tail, this place would be the perfect fall getaway.


Ride The Island Queen Cruise

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A stunning boat tour located in Parry Sound, a town about two and a half hours from Toronto, this on-the-water experience is the perfect way to experience the area’s fall beauty.


See A Play During The Stratford Festival

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When the current millennial generation thinks of Stratford, one thing comes to mind - Justin Bieber. But the city is more than the hometown of a Canadian popstar, and the annual Stratford Festival proves exactly that.


Kingston's Annual Ribfest And Craft Beer Show

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I mean come, ribs and craft beer?! Damn. Does anyone know any good places available to rent in Kingston? Need a place that best fits my lifestyle.


Hit Up An ATV Trail

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I spent most of my summers in Virginia growing up, so ATVs are sort of a second-hand family member for me. With the amount of space and trails that Ontario has to offer, going for a ride on a quad is something to add to the bucket list.


Barrie's Annual Thanksgiving Studio Tour

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From October 5 until October 8, you can check out an epic images studio tour in Barrie. Artist-run and filled with stunning works of art, the event has gained quite the grand reputation.


Embark On A Food Road Trip

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When people think road trips, it’s assumed that there’s a specific destination in mind. Maybe it’s a day trip to Ottawa, or a way longer journey to Florida. Though sometimes you embark on a road trip when you just want that one food or beverage; something that is only available or made the best in a different city. Those, I think, are truly the best road trips you can have.

Hit Up The Niagara Grapes And Wine Festival

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Okay, so the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival is not exactly one big thing, but is more so a hundred little things. With all events equalling to an overall September 12 - 30 run date, you can definitely find something that best suits your Niagara wine experience.


Attend A Local Fair

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A lot of fairs open over the next month, and there’s no way I can include every single one without my fingers cramping from typing so much. To save the both of us some time, check out the website below to find a fair near you.


Attend Ball's Falls Annual Thanksgiving Festival

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Remember in elementary school, when we would laugh every time the teacher said the word Regina? Yeah, me too. Ball’s Falls kind of has the same effect, but honestly, this place is so darn pretty that I’m hoping you can get over the name enough to visit their annual thanksgiving festival that takes place October 5 to October 8.


Hit Up Guelph's Farmers' Market

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Only the freshest stuff is found at the farmers’ market, and the one in Guelph is just as colourful and vibrant as the others across the province.


Attend The Kingston Zombie Walk

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No, this isn’t an episode of The Walking Dead, or even the reality of your worst nightmare. These are the people of Kingston and this year on October 20th, you can attend their their annual zombie walk as well.


Check Out The Apple Harvest Festival In Thornbury

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The annual apple harvest festival takes place in three locations: Blue Mountain Village, Clarksburg, and Thornbury. Each of them run from Friday, October 5 to Monday, October 8.


Attend The Supercrawl

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The supercrawl is one of my favourite events, and it isn’t only because the location of it on James Street North is home to some of the best restaurants in town (I love food, okay?) This year, the Hamilton supercrawl will run from September 13 until September 16. Seriously, don’t miss out on this.


Just Relax And Enjoy The Colours

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I trust you guys. I know I don’t have to remind you to take a deep breath and just enjoy the scenery that surrounds you. We are Canadian afterall - the nature seekers of the North. So, when everything else on this list is checked off, then consider sitting by your window and watching the leaves drop. That’s the best part of the season.