I’m a busty girl. I have big boobs. Big tits. Huge titties. I don’t care what you call them, it’s just a fact that I’m well aware of. Also, I’m a girl (no shit?!). I guess because I’m a girl, my breast are something that I always think of.

Whether it’s while shopping for a new swimsuit (I swear, that’s the worst thing) or just trying to do normal stuff while living my life, boobs are always on the brain. So here are 30 thoughts every girl have about her boobs. Or maybe I’m the only one… ?

1. I wonder how heavy my boobs are.

2. Can I even weight them ?

3. What if I lose weight… Will they like… disappear or something ?

4. These boobs be on point, tho. #boobsgoals

5. Well… depends on the day.

6. Should I wait to have kids before having them done?

7. Who am I kidding ? I love my breast. Won’t have surgery.

8. Is there an average nipple size?

9. Are my nipples too big ?

10. Wow. My boobs aren’t the same size. Wtf ?


12. Am I the only girl who loves touching her own boobs ?

13. I don’t know anybody who touches their boobs as much as I do.

14. If only I could go out without a bra on…

15. I hate my boobs. They’re too small.

16. Why do people use my boobs as a pillow ?

17. Why is everybody freakin’ out when they see a woman breastfeeding in public ?

18. Why are bras so expensive ?

19. Oh. Looks like the girls are cold.

20. Why do I always stare at other girls' breasts ?

21. Why are nipples the only part of the breast that are censored ? #freethenipple

22. Why can’t men just look me in the eyes…

23. Why is it so fun to play with boobs ?

24. Are they really made of fat ?

25. I wonder if there’s a way to make them bigger, but naturally…

26. What does fake boobs feel like ?

27. Why are they so bouncy?

28. Man, I love my boobs.

29. No wonder why guys love them so much.

30. Why do I always have food in my bra… ?