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So you've made the move to the big city, or maybe you just need some advice on how to better assimilate into the vibrant, young and trendy as fuck streets of Toronto. It can be a harder than expected task but we are confident you can do it.

If you're feeling a bit out of the loop lately or just want to spice up your Toronto lifestyle to make life a tad easier because it is all about survival of the fittest around here.

Here are 30 Ways to get closer to walking and talking like a true Torontonian.

1. Start Jaywalking

Looking both ways is so 1999.

2. Buy A Fancy Vintage Bicycle

Toronto loves its bike lanes

3. Start Loving Burritos

Not just liking, we're talking die hard, can't live without you, all consuming love.

4. Trade Your Car Keys In For A Metropass

It's just easier for all parties involved.

5. Learn How To Tastefully Complain About The TTC

No one likes a complainer, unless you are talking about the TTC, in which case you just made 293048019824 new friends.

6. Become A Coffee Connoisseur

Ditch the Starbucks in favour of independent cafes.

7. Develop A Thick Skin

Suck it up sweetheart.

8. Start Loving Yourself A Little More

Self-confidence is everything hunny.

9. Perfect The Text & Walk

Or don't fucking do it, ever.

10. Map Out The Perfect Path To The Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws

For when you're feeling fancy.

11. Become More Interested In Foreign/Intellectual/Documentary Films

Tiff is a thing you should prepare to frequent every September.

12. Stop Making Eye Contact

You never know when you will lock eyes with a dude you Tinder matched and that will just be uncomfortable.

13. Tell Yourself To Carry More Change But Never Actually Do So

Or else you won't have a solid excuse to bum TTC tokens off your friend.

14. Locate Any & All Sushi Places Located By Your Place, Preferably All You Can Eat

Your friends will want to know that you know this when they come over.

15. Become Much More Open To Trying New Things

New restaurants, new bars, new vegan juice presses.

16. Update Your Entire Wardrobe

A sense of fashion is a must.

17. Download Tinder

This is how people in Toronto date

18. Learn To Be Good At Networking

There is 99% chance their is someone important in the room with you at any given time.

19. Get Used To Different Types Of People

homeless types, passionate types, scary types- it's a big city.

20. Get An Extra Part-Time Job

you're going to need that extra money, it's damn expensive around here.

21. Discover The Art Of The Post-Work Cocktail

For happy hour business meetings or, you know, to remedy the painful day you endured.

22. Develop A Keen Eye For Art

omg that is like so totally @r+$y ~

23. Practice Your Resting Bitch Face

In the mirror, on your mom, even on the dog, just make sure you get it right.

24. Fall In Love With Brunch

Brunch is a sport in Toronto.

25. Get Used To Planning Fun Shit Weeks In Advance

Spontaneity isn't all that popular around these parts.

26. Practice Biking/Driving/Heck-Walking Over Streetcar Tracks

Their should be a much clearer warning around these dangerous things.

27. Learn The Slang

Even the annoying stuff like BAE, the 6ix and on fleek.

28. Learn, At Least A Little Bit Of, Drake trivia

Just so long as you know where he went to elementary school.

29.Drop That Second 'T'

No one says To. Ron. To.

10. Start Reading Narcity Every Day

freakin' duuuuuh

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Photo cred – 680 News