30 Ways Torontonians Win At Life

This city is killin' it.

Photo cred - Gladstone Hotel

Torontonians get it right, all day, every day. This is a fact. Despite a lot of the hate we get from people who think we are stuck up, most people from this city are kind and friendly, on top of being completely awesome. Here are just a few of the ways that we stay amazing 24/7.

1. Even with our frustrating subway, we still get shit done every day

2. We will travel to the ends of the earth to party every weekend

3. We make some of the best food in the country

Photo cred - charissatosio

4. We're educated as fuck- 64% of 25 to 64 year olds in this city have a post-secondary education.

5. We have some of the best city pride out there

6. At any given time, we're juggling multiple major time commitments, and we're still not breaking a sweat

7. We're some of the most artistic people around

8. We know how to celebrate a holiday

Photo cred - soozums

9. We live to see the end of our bullshit winter every year

10. We have a diverse array of commuting options to choose from every morning

11. We live in a beautiful city

12. We can handle our liquor like champs

13. We can appreciate a fine beer

Photo cred - Alain Quevillon

14. We speak so many languages, we're practically the UN

15. We know how to express ourselves

16. We can throw a festival like nobody's business

17. We dress to kill

18. We don't let winter keep us from enjoying the outdoors

Photo cred - PLTam

19. We are some of the friendliest and most helpful people you'll meet

20. We are home to a lot of highly admired talents

21. We're fit and we know it

22. We make a mean burger

23. No one loves their sports teams like we do

Photo cred - John Tavares

24. There's no place better for aspiring musicians to call home

25. On any given night, one of us is throwing a party you wish you were at

26. We have gorgeous architecture

27. We have some of the nicest parks you'll find, and we know how to use them

28. We have two weed cafes

Photo cred - William Kimber

29. At Kensington Market, we can find anything our hearts desire, and some things we didn't even know we wanted too

30. Hanging out in the Distillery District feels like stepping into a fairy tale

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