31 Amazing Toronto Restaurants To Try If You’re Tired Of Going Out On King Street

Forget King Street, these places are where it's at!
31 Amazing Toronto Restaurants To Try If You’re Tired Of Going Out On King Street

One of the best things to do in Toronto in the summer time is hit up a cool restaurant with your pals and get your food on. And in this city, there's no shortage of restaurants, new and old, that will satsify just about any food craving you have. 

A lot of the most popular restaurants can be found on the walk down King Street, but there's a whole city full of different places to get your grub on that are nowhere near King. If you want to venture off King and have some great eats, these are the places you have to try! 

1. Seven Lives // 69 Kensington Avenue 

This diner style restaurant in Kensington Market serves up some of the best tacos in the city. The dine-in or take-out spot takes Mexican to a new level. 

2. Kost Restaurant // 80 Blue Jays Way 

Up on the 44th floor of the Bisha Hotel is Kost, a hip brunch spot and restaurant that is guaranteed to satisfy your brunch food cravings. The view isn't too bad either. 

3. Junked Food Co // 507 Queen Street West 

This cool joint serves up quick fan favourites such as pizza, mac and cheese, some of the best ice cream around, and smash bags, which are basically nachos in a chip bag. You won't be disappointed! 

4. 416 Snack Bar // 181 Bathurst Street 

This snack bar serves up diversity on a plate, with their aim to represent the bustling culture melting pot of Toronto. Their offerings are all appetizers, and the low lit lighting makes for a seriously cool place to get your snack on. 

5. Hanmoto // 2 Lakeview Avenue 

Hanmoto serves up japanese-style snacks and drinks and gives off a seriously cool ambience. With a bare-bones flea market type style, it's a must when venturing off King Street. 

6. Bobbie Sue's Mac n' Cheese // 162 Ossington Avenue

This seriously adorable mac and cheese shack specializes in take-away mac and cheese in tons of different varieties. From a vegan version to a pulled pork, they've got it all.  

7. Grand Electric // 1330 Queen Street West 

Decked out with communal tables, this eccentric Mexican restaurant serves up all your favourites, and some seriously creative variations too. 

8. Lake Inez // 1471 Gerrard Street East

This asian-inspired spot serves up some creative and amibitious options on its menu. You'll go for the food, but you'll want to go back for it's quirky style and refined ambience. 

9. Adamson Barbecue // 176 Wicksteed Avenue 

This central texas-style meat joint serves up some seriously epic meats, all cooked with wood fires. They're menu is so insanely delicious that they serve until they sell out, which they always do. 

10. Wish //  Charles Street East 

Elegance meets South Beach at Wish, an popular weekend brunch spot. With eclectic vibes and a seriously comfortable patio atmosphere, this place is a must see. 

11. Giulietta // 972 College Street 

This place may look simple on the outside, but with its cozy indoor vibe and rustic eats, it's anything but! They serve up Italian fare fit to satisfy any comfort food craving. 

12. Constantine // 15 Charles Street East 

This open kitchen style bar serves up some of the best Mediterranean dishes in the city, and their epic outdoor patio is perfect for some summer food and fun. Open all day, you can get breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner at this hip spot. 

13. Parallel // 217 Geary Avenue 

This industrial-style eatery serves up Middle Eastern cuisine in a seriously cool open door spot. They even make their own sesame butter on site! 

14. Il Covo // 585 College Street 

Serving up seasonal Italian dishes, this intimate restaurant is all classic elegance with a traditional flair. Just make sure you bring your appetite because with their impressive menu, you'll need it. 

15. KaKA // 655 Bay Street 

With banquet seating and a super chill ambience, this all-you-can-eat japense style restaurant is perfect for getting more bang for your buck. The simple artsy decor style is totally grammable, too. 

16. Paris Paris // 1161 Dundas Street West 

With a wine list that's out of this world, Paris Paris is THE place in the city to get your wine on. It's unpretentious and offers a menu full of snackable fare to pair with any red or white you desire. 

17. Tuk Tuk Canteen // 397 Roncesvalles Ave

This snack bar serves up Cambodian-style cuisine from an open kitchen. Their plates are perfect for sharing so make sure you grab you BFF's and try a little of everything, because you're going to want to eat the whole menu. 

18. Prohibition Gastrohouse // 696 Queen Street East

Offering up a casual dining experience and a seriously impressive array of beer, this spot is full of dark decor and epic comfort food plates. Try one brew, or try them all.  

19. Il Ponte Cucina Italiana // 625 Queen Street East 

This family-run spot serves up some of the best seasonal gourmet Italian fare in the city. The decor is classic, and they offer an intimate casual dining experience. 

20. El Rincon Mexicano // 653 St. Clair West 

This colourful joint serves up authentic and popular Mexican dishes with a decor style to match. The terra-cotta tile and bright patio make this spot one of the most fun in the city for Mexican food. 

21. Chica's Nashville Hot Chicken // 2853 Dundas Street West 

This is the one place in the city that can serve up authentic Nashville-style chicken. The take-out style joint serves up hot chicken variations, and just a bite of one of their concoctions will transport you down south. 

22. Founder // 1282 Dundas Street West 

This cocktail/snack bar offers a casual tone in a high-end decor-style backdrop. Serving up food and drinks with international influences, this high-scale but unpretentious spot has a clean atmosphere and even better food. 

23. Blackjack BBQ // 1044 Gerrard Street East 

This whiskey and barbeque joint in the east end serves up it's own take on your typical bbq favourites like wings, ribs, and even mac and cheese. The casual vibe of their outdoor picnic tables give off a local hangout vibe and it's the perfect place to chill with some meat and a brew. 

24. Egg Bae // 189 Augusta Avenue 

This cutesy restaurant in Kensington Market serves up all-day breakfast sandwiches. All their sandwiches are gourmet, and the decor is decked out with adorable on-topic art and puns to make the experience that much more fun. 

25. Eastside Social // 1008 Queen Street East

This nautical-themed restaurant serves up some of the best seafood in the city. Their oyster bar is to die for and on Tuesday's they do a buck a shuck night. Cheap and delicious, for the win! 

26. Rasa // 196 Robert Street 

Serving up globally-inspired food, this restaurant from the food-truck masters the Food Dudes is a must see this summer. The dark-lit ambience of the place is perfect for a relaxing dining experience and their menu is sure to impress with it's variety. 

27. Superpoint // 184 Ossington Avenue 

This isn't your regular pizza joint. They serve up some of the best slices in the city to-go by day, but at night the place turns into a trendy Italian bar. With exposed brick and dim pizza lighting, this is the perfect spot to get overloaded on wine and carbs. 

28. Bar Raval // 505 College Street

When you step into Bar Ravel, you'll feel like you were just transported to Barcelona. WIth their wood-carved interior and paneling, it's a beauty place to eat the best  Spanish pinxtos. 

29. Buca // 53 Scollard Street 

Serving up authentic Italian fare, this restaurant mixes traditional elegance with a classic chic vibe that's unmatched in the city. It's sleek design is the perfect backdrop for its impressive menu and wine selection. 

30. The Rebel House // 1068 Yonge Street 

This 2-storey spot offers up some of the best local microbrews and pub fare that's perfect for an afternoon or dinner meal. They serve wholesome Canadian food, and the exposed brick and back patio give it a homey vibe. 

31. Avant Gout // 1108 Yonge Street 

This low-lit spot has exposed brick and wood paneling that gives off a super cozy atmosphere. The Moroccan-influenced French bistro serves up some seriously authentic dishes and a gourmet experience.