After the crazy winter Ontario just had, you and your S/O are probably dying to get off the Netflix binge and outside for some real dates. You might be scratching your brain for things to do in Ontario that don't involve your typical dinner and a movie because, let's face it, that's pretty much what Netflix and chill is anyway.

We've done the guesswork for you so you and your S/O can get right to the fun date part instead of doing all that research that will probably lead to you ordering in and scrolling through the same list of movies and TV shows.

1. Adventure through the trees at Treetop Trekking

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You can zip through the trees with your love at this epic treetop adventure.

2. Take in a couple movies at The 5 Drive-in Theatre

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Cozy up and watch a couple movies with your S/O at this Oakville drive-in.

3. Hike your hearts out at the best Ontario hiking spots

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Nothing brings couples closer together than enjoying nature together.

4. Dance the night away at one of these Toronto nightclubs

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Dance like it's only you and your love and you'll have a blast well into the morning hours!

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5. Check out the wildlife at African Lion Safari

Experience Africa inside of Ontario at this sweet wildlife sanctuary.

6. Play hide and seek in the ROM

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The ROM is fun on its own, but it would be even more fun searching for your S/O within the sea of exceptional art.

7. Indulge your comepetative sides with at Area 51 Laser Tag in Vaughan

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Kick each other's butts at laser tag. Loser has to make dinner!

8. Rent this private cabin for a romantic weekend-long getaway

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There's nothing more romantic than a private weekend away.

9. Hit up the Cheltenham Badlands for some seriousy Instagrammable dunes

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Get your likes and followers up by creating serious #couplegoals at this Mars-like spot.

10. Learn how to sail together at this Port Dover sailing school

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Couples who learn together stay together and now that it's warm enough out, why not try sailing?

11. Get up close and personal with some animals at The Donkey Sanctuary in Guelph

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These cute little animals will bring you two closer together. Who knows, maybe you'll leave discussing what kind of dog you can get together.

12. Get tipsy at a wine tasting in Niagara-on-the-Lake

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Explore Niagara-on-the-Lake together with a wine tasting that you both won't soon forget!

13. Day trip to Gran Bend to catch a breathtaking sunset

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There's nothing more romantic than watching the sunset with the one you love.

14. Tour through the Brockville Railway Tunnel hand in hand

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This crazy cool tunnel is seriously grammable and will give you two a reason to hold hands, not that you needed one.

15. Have a waterballoon fight at one of Toronto's amazing beaches

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Induldge in your playful side by hitting the nearest dollar store and loadig up with waterballoons. And then, take each other down!

16. Get your summer splash on at Canada's largest theme waterpark

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Calypso Waterpark is huge! You and your S/O can spend the day sliding down epic slides and splashing around in the sun.

17. Bring your pup along on a coffee date at this dog cafe in Hamilton

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Get your cute on by bringing your pup as a furry little buffer if things get quiet.

18. Head to Terre Bleu in Milton and explore their stunning lavender field

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This stunning feild of lavender is a highly romantic spot to hit with your love. You can venture through the fields and then eat lunch and buy some fragrant body oils to use later.

19. Fight to the finish at this "Mario Kart" style speedway in Niagara Falls

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Gone are the days when you had to kick your S/O's butt in Nintendo. Now you can do it in real life at the Niagara Speedway!

20. Head to this California-style beach in Algoma County for a day of fun, sand, and romantic strolls

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Now that it's summer, not a sunny day should be going to waste and this beautiful beach in Algoma is the perfect date spot for you and your partner.

21. Indulge your lazy sides with a float down epic lazy river in Paris, Ontario.

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You can't always be active, so when you both just want to slow it down, this lazy river is the perfect spot.

22. Go up, up, up in a hot air balloon ride with Sundance Balloons

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Float to the clouds in these romantic hot air balloon rides, but don't blame us if you end up falling in love.

23. Sing your favourite love songs to each at this private Toronto karaoke bar

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There's nothing more romantic than serenading your lover, off-key and a little pitchy. Is there?

24. Limit your senses with a romantic dinner at O.Noir

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Take the visuals out of the equation and connect emotionally at this pitch black restuarant.

25. Play a game of glow-in-the-dark mini putt at this Whitby spot

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Add a little spice to your dating life with some harmless, and visually fun, competition.

26. Drown in a sea of beatiful yellow sunflowers at Bogle Seeds Farms

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Do it for the gram', people. Your followers will be so jealous of how cute you and your partner look in this sea of bright yellow beauty.

27. Live like kids again at this adult playground in Toronto

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Indulge your inner children and get back to basics at the Rec Room in Toronto.

28. Grab a picnic blanket and head to Gordons Park for some romantic stargazing

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Taking in the vastness of the universe together will bring you so much closer together, and space is hella cool looking.

29. Get pampered together at this relaxation retreat in The Blue Mountains

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When you've both had a few stressful weeks working while watching the sun rise and set, head to this Nordic spa for some R&R to rejuvinate yourselves and your relationship.

30. Go chasing waterfall with a self-guided waterfall tour in Hamilton

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Navigating and entire forest together will be either super tough, or insanely fun. We're betting on fun, though.

31. Venture to the 1000 Islands and bask in its natural beauty or go on a romantic dinner cruise

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Bask in the glory that is the 1000 Islands with a cruise around the island. The cruises offer dinner, event bookings, and much more.