Just admit it, when you first moved to Toronto you were a mess. You thought you had it all figured out, but nothing is that easy. You pulled it off though, truly faking it until you made it. Don’t underestimate the power and strength of the people that live in this amazing city – I’d like to see you survive -30 weather plus wind chill!

If there’s one thing we all learned since living in Toronto, is that talk is cheap but nothing in Toronto is. Sooner or later, Toronto somehow wins you over and it’s really not that bad. You start to love the city and everyone in it, even if you do make some terrible mistakes at first.

1. Not planning where you’re meeting before getting on the subway

No reception = instant panic

2. Agreeing to meet someone at Union Station

The mix of constant construction, random bursts of people during rush hour, and the fact that you can’t see any daylight – it might as well be in an underground maze.

3. Taking a cab to or from the airport

The new UP Express train to the airport is a lifesaver. Quick, efficient, and definitely a reasonable price considering it’s Toronto.

4. Waiting too long to make an LCBO run

I guess I’ll have to go to the Beer Store or Wine Rack now.

5. Getting caught not paying for the TTC

We all use the back entrance at least once, just be smart about it.

6. Not investing in a real winter jacket

Good luck with that Fall coat all winter long…

7. You're convinced that Cake is a great night club

This is not a real sentence.

8. Sneaking into Gracie’s during 1st year

If it wasn’t Gracie’s, it was the Greenroom in the Annex. Regardless, whatever place isn’t asking for ID is where you are going.

9. Driving Downtown…anywhere

Avoid it at all costs.

10. Believing that Google maps traffic is accurate in Toronto

This is why I have trust issues.

11. Walking through the PATH because you think it’s faster and warmer

Nope, I’m just lost and overheated now.

12. Going to the Eaton Centre

There is no good day to avoid crowds here, so just best to avoid it altogether.

13. Thinking you can find someplace cheap to live downtown

Oh, you think you could live alone downtown, in a 1 bedroom, for $1200? OKAY.

14. Living in a high-rise condo is going to be luxurious

Don’t even get me started about how slow and unreliable most condo elevators are. I swear, there is always at least one not working in my building. Also, fire alarm testing should not be a daily routine.

15. Underestimating your monthly bills

I’m not just talking about rent. Don’t forget that you (might) have expenses for Hydro, Internet, and renter’s insurance. These things add up fast, and before you know it, you can’t afford that new pair of shoes you’ve been saving up for. Priorities.

16. Planning a trip to IKEA to stock up on cheap furniture

First of all, the closest IKEA is not downtown, so don’t assume you can even carry all your new goodies back yourself without a car. That $1 breakfast is so tempting though…

17. Ignoring the wind chill warning

I mean, it’s a warning for a reason.

18. You see Pizza Pizza everywhere, so that means it's good, right?

Wrong. This is not what my pizza dreams are made of.

19.Underestimating the delayed TTC, and believing it won’t happen again

Now all my trust is gone.

20. Assuming everyone on the road understands proper bike etiquette   

There are always two sides to every story. You are either for or against the instillation of bike lanes. But just because you know how to ride a bike, does that mean you know how to share the road?

21. Not getting a Presto / TTC Card

Unless you live next to school or work, this will come in handy. Tokens are too much of a hassle, just load that card up when you need it.

22. Forgetting to get a transfer ticket

Don’t be that person that pays twice because you were too lazy to grab a transfer ticket.

23. Walking through Yonge and Dundas

It’s like they don’t want you to be on time…for anything.

24. Getting scared by the BELIEVE guy at Dundas Square

How do we still get scared every single time? Trust me, you’ll miss him when he’s not there.

25. Waiting until after midnight to leave for the club or bar

Is waiting in line for 30 minutes really worth that extra shot at the pre?

26. Agreeing to go out in the East end when you live in the West end (or vice versa)

Finding a way home is always an (expensive) mission.

27. Wearing heels out on King Street West even though you know you can’t walk in them

What are you trying to prove? Looking good doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable. Plus, with all the different types of bars and clubs, you don’t necessarily need to dress up to have a good time.

28. Uber is life


29. Admitting you don’t know or don’t like Drake

Shh…some things are better kept to yourself.

30. Going out and telling yourself you won’t spend any money

Quit lying to yourself. You’ll quickly learn this never happens. Whether you’re spending money for expensive cover, overpriced drinks at the bar, or late night eats after that night out – your pockets better be deep.

31. Only getting coffee from Starbucks and Tim Hortons

The coffee scene is alive and thriving in Toronto. Take advantage of all the hip new cafes. You have your stables like Starbucks and Tim Hortons, but it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy.

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