31 Secret Places In Ontario To Bring Your Girlfriend This Summer

These places are naturally romantic!
31 Secret Places In Ontario To Bring Your Girlfriend This Summer

Summer is perfect for spending some quality time with your S/O outdoors. From day dates in the beautiful sunshine, to romantic evening strolls, there are plenty of things to do to make it a real summer of love. And you don't have to stick to the old faithful dinner and dessert or drinks at some random bar. 

Ontario has some of the best, most romantic spots that you and your girlfriend can hit up together to strengthen your bond and earn you some brownie points. And the best part is, after reading this list, you won't have to guess or search for a sweet place to bring your S/O. We've done that for you, so you can just plan the date and impress the girl you love. 

1. Elora Quarry

Where: Elora

This beautiful conservation area is seriously picturesque. The two-acre limestone quarry is surrounded by stunning lush forest. It's the perfect spot for a romantic swim.

2. Katherine Cove

Where: Lake Superior Provincial Park, Wawa

Located in Lake Superior Provincial Park, this breathtaking cove offers privacy for you and your girlfriend to take in the sights without too many tourists around. There are endless trails and scenic hideaways scattered throughout for you to explore.

3. Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Where: Thunder Bay

With turquoise water and incredible rock formations, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is a must-see on your summer bucket list. Your girlfriend will love the beautiful back drop. Just don't be surprised if she asks you to take a million pics of her for the 'gram.

4. Rouge Lookout

Where: Scarborough

This nature park in the city is the perfect place to take your girlfriend if you don't want to venture too far, but still want to feel like you're getting away from it all. The lookout will give you stunning views of the whole park.

5. Killarney Provincial Park

Where: Killarney

This scenic park boasts over 645 square kilometres of gorgeous lush forests, wildlife, and vibrant flora and fauna. The cerulean lakes are a feast for the eyes, and your girlfriend will absolutely love the epic views.

6. Sandbanks

Where: Picton

With the world's largest baymouth barrier dune formation, Sandbanks Provincial Park is the perfect couples getaway in Ontario. There are three white sandy beaches to choose from, and the water is shallow enough for a nice swim.

7. Crystal Beach

Where: Fort Erie

Step out of Ontario and into California via way of Crystal Beach. The stunning waters and sand coupled with the picturesque small-town feel are perfect for a romantic weekend away.

8. Methuan Lake 

Where: Havelock-Belmont-Methuen

This small lake is perfect for when you and your girlfriend want optimal privacy. There's some crown land on the shores of the lake, so you can camp with full exclusion from the outside world.

9. Balaclava Ghost Town

Where: Balaclava, Renfrew County

Escape to this amazing ghost town and bask in all its historical glory while you and your S/O explore all the old buildings that were left behind. It's the ideal place for the adventurous couple.

10. Bridal Veil Falls

Where: Kagawong

Located on Lake Huron's Manitoulin Island, this beautiful waterfall around 35 feet tall offers accessiblity through parking close by and access via an easy trail. There are also separate staircases to view the falls from different areas.

11. Dorset Lookout Tower

Where: Dwight

Perhaps one of the best lookouts in all of Ontario, the Dorset Tower Lookout is 465 feet high and offers 360° panoramic views of the gorgeous Muskoka area and Lake of Bays. Up the romance and go at sunset for a really breathtaking scene.

12. Oshawa Waterfront 

Where: Oshawa

The stunning waterfront views of Lake Ontario from Oshawa are a must-see this summer. With a romantic stone path, huge trees, and a long pier, this beach is the perfect place for a romantic stroll.

13. Bathtub Island 

Where: Lake Superior Provincial Park, Wawa

This hidden gem in Lake Superior Provincial Park is the perfect place for a romantic dip! It's surrounded by rock formations keeping the water - you guessed it - warm and shallow like a bathtub, and is a little tropical-like island that's a must see.

14. Barber Paper Mill 

Where: Georgetown

The ruins of the Barber Paper Mill are perfect for urbex explorers that love Victorian-style architecture. The mix of nature overgrowth and decaying industrial buildings is a sight to see.

15. Sandhill Park 

Where: Port Burwell

This beach is on the bottom of a 450-foot tower of sand is a great spot to tan and relax with your S/O on a hot summer day. The sand hill is super steep so you won't be able to set up shop there, but you can do some climbing.

16. Eagles Nest Park 

Where: Bancroft

This park offers some of the easiest hiking trails around, so even if your girlfriend isn't super outdoorsy, she'll still be able to hike with ease and enjoy the stunning views from the top of the trails.

17. Tyendinaga Caves

Where: Belleville

This set of caverns and caves is Canada's oldest natural caverns. They're lit underground so they're not super hard to navigate, and there's even a wishing well so you and your gilfriend can make a wish on your future. How romantic!

18. Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Preserve

Where: Gravenhurst

Located in the Muskoka Region of Ontario, this breathtaking cottage country preserve boasts seriously beautiful views of the night skies without all the light pollution. Not much is more romantic than stargazing, and sometimes you can even catch a view of the Northern Lights!

19. Ballycroy Ghost Town 

Where: Ballycroy, Simcoe County

Via Elle Patille

Another place to explore for couples who are a little more adventurous is Ballycroy Ghost Town. The main street is overgrown with greenery and old buildings still stand. It's perfect for romantic exploration with a little bit of folklore.

20. Red Rock Point

Where: Red Rock, Thunder Bay

Sitting on the shores of Lake Superior, this magnificent wooded area is perfect for a day hike with the missus. The red rock formation is also super grammable, so you know she'll be asking you for cute pics.

21. Barron Canyon 

Where: Algonquin Provincial Park, Pembroke

This amazing hike leads to the best views of Barron Canyon River and offers the most picturesque scene from up above. You and your girlfriend will feel like you're on top of the world, and considering how high it is, you almost will be.

22. Hastings Heritage Trail

Where: Bancroft

This 156-kilometre trail leads to some seriously interesting things. The multi-use trail offers scenic stops along the way, showcasing breathtaking waterfalls, historical buildings, and even the ghost town of Brinklow.

23. Paris, Ontario 

Where: Paris

It might not be France, but it doesn't make it any less romantic! Paris, Ontario, was named the "prettiest town in Canada," and for good reason. With adorable shops, stunning scenery, and a charming downtown, this lovely little place is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

24. Ferris Provincial Park 

Where: Campbellford

Offering some of the best views you can find in Southern Ontario, this provincial park is an easy hike with a huge payoff. Visit the suspension bridge for some really breathtaking views.

25. Petroglyphs Provincial Park 

Where: Woodview

This small provincial park is perfect for when you and your girlfriend want to explore the great outdoors but would rather have some privacy. It's less known than other parks in Ontario, so it's less of a tourist attraction.

26. Warsaw Caves

Where: Warsaw

Near Peterborough, the Warsaw Caves are a set of seven different caves to explore. Formed at the end of the last ice age, these natural beauties are stunning. Bring a flashlight and some bravery, though, because they get super dark.

27. Ouimet Canyon 

Where: Dorion, Thunder Bay

Gigantic cliffs offer an exquisite view of the 150-metre wide gorge, making the Ouimet Canyon one of the most bucket-list worthy places to take your girlfriend this summer. It's amazing views coupled with private lookouts make it super romantic.

28. Greigs Caves

Where: Lion's Head

Hidden in the middle of a lush wooded area full of walking trails are the limestone caves that make up Greig's Caves. They're open for tours and right near the Bruce Peninsula, so there's plenty for you and your girlfriend to do afterwards!

29. French River

Where: Nipissing to Georgian Bay

Catch one of the most beautiful sunsets in Ontario at this stunning provincial park. There's plenty to do and see, including canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and just lounging on the shoreline.

30. Bonnechere Caves

Where: Eganville

This set of caverns and underground tunnels is ideal for more courageous couples. They can get quite dark and even offer a few nice suprises, such as a stunning waterfall. Just be careful, because you will run into bats!

31. La Cloche Mountains

Where: Killarney

These outstanding mountains are made up of quartzite ridges and offer some insanely Insta-worthy views. It's said that they're over 3.5 billion years old, making them one of the oldest mountain formations on the planet, and one of the most romantic spots to take your girlfriend this summer!

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