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31 Super Easy Hikes In Ontario To Take Your Friend Who Hates Hiking

Turn that hate to love with these easy trails!
31 Super Easy Hikes In Ontario To Take Your Friend Who Hates Hiking

It's officially summer and in Ontario that means there's no excuses when it comes to getting outside and enjoying the nice weather while we're lucky to have it. We've all experienced the crazy winter and there's no way we're letting the next three months go to waste. 

That's why hiking is one of the number one things to do in Ontario. With so much beautiful scenery and epic lookouts to hike to, there's no reason not to go on at least a few hikes before winter rolls back around. And even if all your friends absolutely hate the outdoors, that doesn't mean that they have to! These 31 hikes are perfect for people who refuse to board the hiking train. You might just convert your nature-hating bestie! 

1. Lynde Shores Conservation Area

Where: 1285 Victoria Street, Whitby

This super easy hike is mostly boardwalk and flat surface earth. Your friend won't even feel like they're hiking but they will enjoy the outdoor scenery. 

2. Twin Bridges Trail

Where: Chutes Provincial Park, 650 Imperial Street North, Sables-Spanish Rivers

This 6 kilometre trail through the woods will surround you and your hiking-hater friend with such stunning lush forest, they'll want to go back again and again. It also leads to a rushing river for some more beauty along the way. 

3. Crawford Lake Trail

Where: 3115 Conservation Road, Milton

The Crawford Lake trail is a little harder in spots and runs over 13 kilometres, but for a lot of it, it's just a raised boardwalk through the woods. Your friend will thank you for introducing them to nature after this hike. 

4. Lime Kiln Trail

Where: 4897 Old Richmond Rd, Nepean

This super easy trail is less than a kilometre and is so easy, even small children can do it. Your friend will love the epic scenery and the fact that they don't have to put too much hiking effort into it. 

5. Haliburton Sculpture Forest Trail

Where: 297 College Drive, Haliburton

This hike is more like a stroll through an outdoor art gallery with all the beautiful sculptures. It's on flat ground and there's a dirt pathway for the simplest, yet still stunning, hike. 

6. Dufferin Islands Park

Where: Portage Road, Niagara Falls

This 1.4 kilometre loop trail is generally used for novice hiking, walking, and running for locals, so your friend will have no problems enjoying the scenery foot-pain free. 

7. Granite Ridge Trail

Where: 960 Hwy 637, Killarney

This trail is less than 3 kilometres long and offers some of the best views of the forest around Killarney. The lookout is stunning and it's good for all skill levels. 

8. Mast Trail

Where: 1749 Meadovale Road, Scarborough 

The 5 kilometre loop trail is perfect for that friend who just can't even with hiking. It's easy enough that it'll feel just like a stroll through the woods but also offers some of the best scenery to convert those who dislike hiking. 

9. Hanlan's Point 

Where: Toronto 

This is less of a hike and more of a trail walk to the beach so if your friend really can't stand hiking it might good to start them off here. At least there's a stunning beach at the end, and for that your friend will thank you. 

10. Bruce Trail 

Where: Bruce Peninsula

The best part about this trail is that it's HUGE. There are so many different parts of the trail that you can decide where to go and how far you want to venture. 

11. Cranberry Bog Trail 

Where: Killarney Provincial Park 

This 3 kilometre trails offers some close up views of the best waterways in Killarney and leads out to the Cranberry Bog, a beautiful marsh-like area. 

12. Cedar Sands Trail 

Where: Sandbanks Provincial Park 

At only 2 kilometres, this simple trail offers some incredible viewing platforms overlooking the Outlet River and the Baymouth sand dune complex. It's mostly compacted soil too, so it's super easy to navigate. 

13. Pinhey Forest Trail 

Where: Ottawa 

Consisting of two different trails at a combined length of just under 7 kilometres, this beautiful trail leads through what appears to be a natural hallway of trees. It's easy to navigate with mostly compacted soil and the scenery is just amazing. 

14. Niagara-on-the-Lake Waterfront Trail 

Where: Niagara-on-the-Lake 

This stone trailway along the shores of Lake Ontario in Niagara-on-the-Lake is the perfect place to go for a hike without actually feeling like you're going for a hike. Catch the beautiful sunset over the water and bask in all the natural beauty around you. 

15. Tulip Tree Trail 

Where: Rondeau Provincial Park

This barrier-free trail is only a kilometre long and leads through some of the most beautiful lush Carolinian forest. It's boardwalked most of the way so you're hike-hating friends won't feel like they're hiking at all. 

16. Shield Trail 

Where: Bon Echo Provincial Park 

This trail is just under 5 kilometres and runs along a section of the old Addington settlement road. It offers great views of Mazinaw Rock and has long been a favourite of photographers and painters alike. 

17. Woodlands Trail 

Where: Sandbanks Provincial Park  

This super easy 5 kilometre trail in Sandbanks Provincial Park starts at a beach, so your friend will be stoked on that, and ends at a open point beside West Lake. There's tons of wildlife to check out, too. 

18. Vista Trail 

Where: 1749 Meadovale Road, Scarborough

This 1.4 kilometre hike is in Scarborough, so you won't even have to drag your friend too far from the comfort of their city life to get your hike on. It offers panoramic views of the Little Rouge Creek Valley and a perfect mix of forest and meadow. 

19. Achilles Lake Trail 

Where: Fushimi Lake Provincial Park 

This 1 kilometre trail leads to some of the most serene setting scenery in Northern Ontario. It's super easy and the biggest draw is the fishing. 

20. Clifftop Side Trail 

Where: Mono Cliffs Provincial Park 

This 3 kilometre trail through Mono Cliffs has a stunning view of the cliff face and spillway below, caves to explore and it's easy enough for even the most novice of hikers.  

21. Spencer Creek Gorge 

Where: Hamilton 

The trail here is soil-compacted, so it's easy to hike, and although it's a bit longer at 6 kilometres, it's well worth the distance. You get a view of some stunning waterfalls and the Dundas Valley from Dundas Peak. 

22. Cyprus Lake Trail 

Where: Bruce Peninsula National Park

This super easy trail is 5 kilometres long and offers some cool scenery from the remains of early 1900's forest fires.  It also leads out to a beautiful blue-water lake, so even if your friend isn't all about the journey, they'll love the destination. 

23. The Kag Trail 

Where: Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

This trail is only just over 2 kilometres and is soil compacted for easy walking. Parts of the trail are a little bit tougher, but for the most part it's a pretty easy walk through a beautiful red pine forest. 

24. Elora Gorge Trail 

Where: Elora 

On the longer side at 10 kilometres, the beautiful scenery and epic waterfall it leads to will make this hike feel much shorter. It's soil compacted for easy walking, and the limestone cliffs are a sight to see from this trail. 

25. Mine Loop 

Where: Atikokan

This 2.2 kilometre trail in Atitkokan used to be a miner's paradise but now it's just a scenic place to go on a super easy hike. It's mostly compacted soil and boardwalk and has some industrial remnants left along the trail for a cool juxtoposition of nature and urbanity. 

26. Rattlesnake Point

Where: 7200 Appleby Line, Milton 

At the Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area there's many trails to choose from depending on what you're friend is into, but with a boardwalk for easy hiking, some seriously epic lookouts, and some of the best scenery Ontario has to offer, this hike will definitely convert some haters. 

27. Barron Canyon Trail 

Where: Algonquin Provincial Park 

This short 1.5 kilometre hike leads to some of the best views of Barron Canyon, and it's guided so you'll learn all about the formation and history of it all. Your friend will like the 6 stops made by the tour guide, and the incredible scenery. 

28. The Cabin Trail 

Where: Rock Dunder, Lyndhurst

At only 1.3 kilometres, this super easy trail will guide you past a beaver pond and a white pine plantation. It's for the most novice of hikers, but convince your friend to hit the Summit Loop while you're there. 

29. Eagles Nest Trail

Where: Madawaska 

This 5.3 kilometre trail is super popular so don't expect a private hike. It has some of the most beautiful wild flowers around and is easy enough to enjoy the scenery without feeling like you're on a hike at all. 

30. Nokomis Trail

Where: Lake Superior Provincial Park, Algoma

This effortless 5 kilometre trail follows along the shores of Old Woman River and leads out to Old Woman Bay. It offers breathtaking beauty, and can't-be-missed views of the moody blue waters of Lake Superior. 

31. Belfountain Trail

Where: Caledon 

This loop trail is just under 5 kilometres and goes through a lush wooded area and some of the most beautiful freshwater streams and rivers in Ontario. It's the perfect place for that BFF hiking selfie because of its scenic backdrop. 

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