31 Things To Do In Toronto This Summer When It's Too Hot To Step Outside

Because there is such a thing as too hot
31 Things To Do In Toronto This Summer When It's Too Hot To Step Outside

During the blistering cold months, summer may have like it would never arrive. Now that it's here, Torontonians are basking in the sunshine and enjoying that summer heat. 

But there are always days during those summer months that are less than ideal for enjoying a day out and about. When that heat is just too much to bear, there's still plenty of ways to keep cool in the city. 

1. Take in some art at the AGO 

The AGO is the perfect place to spend a summer day when it's way too hot to do anything outside because there's so much of it to explore. Wander through the art and enjoy the AC. 

2. Catch a flick like a VIP 

Sure, you can stay home and watch movies all day but there's no cinema experience quite like Cineplex's VIP experience. Watch the latest blockbuster hit in style while beating the heat. 

3. Cool off at one of these public pools

If you are brave enough to spend a too-hot day outside, then there's no better way to do it than by swimming up a storm at one of Toronto's many epic public pools. 

4. Bask in the AC at the Eaton Centre 

The Eaton Centre is huge, so if you're in dyer need of some cool air, it's one of the best places to find it. You can check out the latest summer styles, grab a froyo, and just chill. Literally. 

5. Get lost in a story at The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library 

The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is a beautiful building to hangout at for a day when the heat has got you down. Pick up an old favourite or try out a new story.

6. Get your learning on at the Science Centre 

The Science Centre is a must when it comes to living in Toronto. With so much to see and learn, it's a great place to spend an afternoon when there's just no other choice but to be inside somewhere. 

7. Work up a different kind of sweat at the gym 

Heat sweat is gross. Workout sweat is amazing. Get your workout on at one of Toronto's many gyms for a sweat you can feel good about. 

8. Get your game on at Night Owl 

This lively bar on College Street has good eats, some seriously creative cocktails and has all the vintage arcade games you could dream of. You'll totally forget the heat while drinking it down at this place. 

9. Go indoor rock climbing 

Rock climbing is a seriously tough thing to do if you're a newbie, but it's so worth it to challenge yourself. And since it's inside, you won't have to deal with that pesky humidity at all. 

10. Get your archery on at Archer's Arena 

Indulge your inner Katniss at Archer's Arena in North York. You get to escape the heat, and play archer tag with all your pals. Win, win. 

11. Stick to an old classic and go bowling 

The popularity of bowling may have died down in recent years but that doesn't make it any less fun! Hit up one of Toronto's many bowling alleys and go for the strike. 

12. Cool off with booze at one of these Toronto bars

There's always a good place to get a drink in the city. And with so many different cocktail specialties, you're sure to find a watering hole you'll enjoy. 

13. Become an artist at a Paint Night 

Another indoor activity that's well worth missing the sunshine for is a Paint Night. They're held on various dates all throughout the city, and you can learn how to become the next Picasso, or at the very least how to paint a decent picture.

14. Play beach volleyball indoors 

Summer screams beach volleyball, but when it's heat wave-level hot out, going down to Woodbine and fighting the scorch is just not worth it. Instead, get your beach v-ball fix at Northbeach Volleyball. 

15. Visit the fish at Ripley's Aquarium

Cool off under the sea at Ripley's Aquarium. It's the perfect place to get away from the sunshine and heat and meet some new little fish friends in the process. 

16. Get shooting at Seige Airsoft 

Live out your Call of Duty dreams at Siege Airsoft. This tactical training warehouse offers over 32,000 square feet of fun. Establish a mission and then knock it out of the park all while staying cool and comfortable. 

17. Bounce around at Sky Zone 

Indoor fun is not in short supply in the city, and SkyZone is just another facility that proves that. This indoor trampoline park offers freesyle jump, dodgeball, and fitness classes. 

18. Be a tourist at one of these attractions 

Toronto is one of the top places in Canada for interanational tourists and for good reason, but when you live here it's so easy to forget all the tourist attractions that are actually well worth it. Live like a tourist for a day, and visit them all. 

19. Catch a comedy show at Absolute Comedy 

Beat the heat while laughing your heart out at Absolute Comedy. The comedy bar has great food, and the line-up is always guaranteed to give you a good chuckle.

20. Test your wits at an escape room

Another indoor activity that won't leave you missing the sunshine is an escape room. With so many different themes to choose from, it's the perfect way to spend a too-hot summer day. 

21. Take a brewery tour

Nothing beats the heat like a cold beer so when it's way too hot to even exist, cool off with some local brews at one of Toronto's many brewery tours. 

22. Explore the city from underground with the PATH

There is over 30 kilometres of PATH to explore beneath the mean city streets and the plus side is that during those blistering summer months, it's all air conditioned. Hit up the PATH and explore the city in a different way. 

23. Hit up a theatre for a live show 

Take in a live play at one of Toronto's many theatre venues for a play experience that you won't soon forget. Toronto isn't called Broadway North for no reason, after all. 

24. Indulge your inner soldier at Defcon Paintball 

With so many indoor activities to choose from, Defcon Paintball should definitely be up near the top of the list. You can escape the heat while channeling your inner Private Ryan. 

25. Take in the views at the CN Tower 

The heat might be hanging over the city, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the views from the top. Hit up the CN Tower for a view of the city unlike any other, and enjoy their ac while you're at it. 

26. Hit up a local spa 

When the heat makes you sweaty and sticky, hit up a spa and get your relaxation on. 

27. Take in the World Cup at a sports bars

The World Cup is on and that means that most people are rooting for their favourite team. What better way to beat the heat than hitting up a sports bar and watching your team crush the opposition. 

28. Get competitive at 401 Mini Indy

Get your race on inside the nice air conditioned facility that is the 401 Mini Indy. With Toronto's fastest go-karts, you're sure to get the adrenaline kick you're looking for. 

29. Get your tennis on at an indoor court

Instead of braving the heat on one of the many outdoor courts, hit up an indoor court in the city to get your tennis on in the cool air conditioned facilities. 

30. Practice mind over matter at this Toronto yoga studio 

Via In The Spirit Yoga

This yoga studio also serves wine, so while you're tricking your brain into thinking it's not that hot out, you can cool down with a glass of red or white.

31. Binge Netflix at home 

When all else fails and it's unbearable to even leave your house, you'll always have an 8-hour Netflix binge to save you from the heat.