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32 Bucketlist Foods Every True Torontonian Needs To Try

There are foods that make up the fabric of a city. The foods that you try to truly understand the people, the culture, and the city itself. New York has bagels and pizza, Paris has croque monsieurs and croissants, while Tokyo has sushi and matcha ice cream. But what does Toronto have?

Well, we have everything. That's part of what makes our city so great; the multiculturalism and creativity that surrounds our food culture is unlike any other. So what are the foods that every true Torontonian needs to try at least one? Let us show you:

Photo cred- @joeysalmingo

1. Pho // Pho Tien Thanh 

Photo cred-@msbakingmonster

2. Boston Blue fish and chips // Buster's Sea Cove 

Photo cred-@jennbartoli

3. Pressed Cubano sandwich // La Cubana

Photo cred- @minsunmaria

4. Poutine // Poutini's

Photo cred- @wellington_kitchen

5. Signature Singapore Slaw // Lee Restaurant

Photo by- @melissadac

6. Doughnuts // Glory Hole Doughnuts

Photo cred-@eatstoronto

7. Vatican City Burger // Burger Priest 

Photo cred- @leesharen

8. Fried Chicken Waffles // The Dirty Bird

Photo cred-fotb416

9. Soft-shell crab sandwich // Fresh Off The Boat 

Photo cred-@jessieosl

10. Smoked meat sandwich // Caplansky's Delicatessen 

Photo cred-@junkedfoodco

11. Smash Bag // Junked Food Co.

Photo cred- @orangeccane

12. Matcha cheesecake // Uncle Tetsu

Photo cred-@jessieosl

13.Churros // Pancho's Bakery

Photo cred- @nadegetoronto

14. Macarons // Nadege

Photo cred- @tofoodgal

15.Pulled pork shoulder sandwich // Black Camel

Photo cred- @sweetjesus4life

16. Rocky Road Rage // Sweet Jesus 

Photo cred-@sasaeats

17. Baja Fish Tacos // Seven Lives

Photo cred- @simplicityisclassy

18. Kings Crown nachos // Sneeky Dee's 

Photo cred-@rockonqueenwest

19. Lobster roll // Rock Lobster

Photo cred-ryanywong

20. Jerk-grilled whole fish platter // 416 Snackbar

Photo cred-@langnizeng

21. Five spice pork bahn mi // Bahn Mi Boys

Photo cred-@xolindaa

22. Absolute Cure (brunch only) // Hunters Landing

Photo cred-@missthingsbar

23. Pineapple fried rice // Miss Things

Photo cred- @patoistoronto

24. Jamaican patty double down // Patois

Photo cred-@stepoutbuffalo

25. Pork and chive dumplings // Mother's Dumplings

Photo cred-@aburirestaurants

26. Aburi sushi // Miku 

Photo cred- @michelleim_

27. Japo Frites // Moo Frites

Photo cred-@mniderman

28. Duck egg pasta // Buca

Photo cred-@northofbrooklyn

29. Margherita pizza // North Of Brooklyn

Photo cred-@elixirchic

30. Eclair // Nugateau

Photo cred- @porchettaadnco

31. House Special // Porchetta and Co

Photo cred- @allons.y

32. Mac and cheese // Bobbie Sue's Mac and Cheese

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