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32 Reasons To Visit Toronto If You Haven't Already

Plan your trip ASAP!
32 Reasons To Visit Toronto If You Haven't Already

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Toronto.  This city is beautiful, diverse and always has something going on whether that be a food festival, concert, or crazy event. Apart from being home to over 2.6 million people, Toronto brought in over 14 million tourists last year alone, which definitely means it's worth checking out!

Whether you're looking to party, indulge, relax or explore, Toronto definitely has something that will be right up your alley. So, if you're looking for 31 more reasons to come to Toronto, read on!

1. We have some seriously mouthwatering restaurants.

2. You won't find anything like Kensington Market anywhere else.

3.  We have our own (smaller scale) version of central park, High park!.

4.  There are numerous museums and art galleries to check out.

5.  We have some stunning architecture.

6.  Patio season is taken very seriously and will exceed all your expectations.

7.  We have one of the prettiest skyline views out there.

8.  There are lots of cheesy tourist destinations that are actually pretty cool.

9.  We have an underground walkway called the PATH that makes getting around the city super easy (and cheap).

10.  We have a few awesome sports teams like the Leafs, Raptors, Blue Jays and the TFC that you need to see live.

11.  During the winter months our city is littered with free ice rinks.

12.  Our city is chalked full of quirky Airbnbs and cool hotels to make your stay super comfortable and relaxing.

13.  Our nightlife is unlike any other, and has something to offer for everyone.

14. Queen St. West is home to some of the cities cutest boutiques.

15.  Toronto has so many amazing and independent cafes that will fuel your coffee addiction.

16. We even have the Toronto island, that is accessible by ferry.

17.  We host some super cool music festivals like Bestival and Turf.

18.  Most Torontonians have a mutual love for Drake, which in itself is awesome.

19.  We have Norm Kelly (6 god/twitter genius) as part of our government.

20.  Our city is completely diverse, and very accepting of all races, religions, and sexualities.

21. Multiple movies and TV shows are shot here in Toronto, like suits and Suicide Squad!

22. We have some beautiful indoor gardens to escape the cold weather during the winter months.

23.  We host one of the best Film Festivals out there, TIFF!

24.  We throw one of the biggest and best Pride parades out there.

25. It takes no time to grab an uber, making it super easy to get around the city.

26.  We have so many awesome food and drink festivals for any type of cuisine or alcohol preference.

27.  There are numerous beaches nestled within the city so you can soak up the sun during the winter months.

28.  We have a good handful of bars that cater towards student life and the budget that comes with it.

29.  We have a Harry Potter themed bar for you to geek out over.

30.  Toronto hosts one of the coolest art shows that takes over the entire city for one night, Nuit Blanche!

31.  The city has multiple hostels that allow for cheap travel accommodations.

32.  At the end of the summer we host the CNE, where you can go on carnival rides and try the craziest foods in the city.

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