32 Small Tokens Of Affection That Show Your Toronto Guy Really Cares

Bae loves bae.
32 Small Tokens Of Affection That Show Your Toronto Guy Really Cares

Relationships are not always about big, romantic gestures. Sometimes, it's the little things that matter most. Of course, your boyfriend loves you and says it often, however, Toronto guys show their affection in more ways than just words. From holding your hand in front of his buddies to treating you to a Jays playoff game, a Toronto guy does many little things to show you he cares.

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It's these small tokens of affection that make your heart swell and all you can say is "aww!" He makes you smile every time he lets you borrow his hoodie and you are so thankful for him when he grabs takeout and a bottle of red wine after a long day at work. Read on to see if your Toronto boyfriend regularly shows you these small tokens of affection.

1. He kisses you on the forehead.

2. He brings home steak sandwiches from TLP after work.

3. He suggests spending an afternoon at the AGO or the ROM.

4. He offers to get the Uber after a Saturday night at REBEL.

5. He surprises you with boxed roses from Flowers In The Box.

6. He lets you wear his favourite t-shirt to bed.

7. He makes you breakfast at his condo - just because.

8. He drives you to work in the morning so you don't have to fight with the TTC.

9. He always picks a great restaurant to eat at when you are being indecisive.

10. He lets you tag along with his buddies to Real Sports to watch the Leafs game.

11. He surprises you with macarons from Nadege when you are having a bad day.

12. He lets you pick which pizza to order from North of Brooklyn.

13. He calls you "babe" more than your actual name.

14. He takes you out for eggs benny at Insomnia on Sundays.

15. He goes to Hibiscus in Kensington Market with you when you get on one of your vegan health kicks.

16. He agrees to take cute Insta pics with you (even though he really doesn't want to).

17. He treats you to gelato at Ed's Real Scoop.

18. He brings you tacos for lunch from Wilbur Mexicana.

19. He pretends not to notice you eat more than him at AYCE sushi at Kyoto House.

20. He takes you for evening strolls down the Boardwalk in the Beaches.

21. He wants to travel with you to one of these places.

22. He reluctantly agrees with whatever you say (even though you both know you are wrong).

23. He waits to watch a new series on Netflix till he is with you.

24. He lets you steal bites of his mac & cheese at Hogtown Smoke because you are trying to be healthy and got the side salad.

25. He always opens the door for you.

26. He reluctantly agrees to do a couples costume with you this Halloween.

27. He pretends not to notice when you two are wearing matching Nikes (because he secretly likes it as much as you do).

28. He lets you eat the remainder of his street meat once you've finished yours after a night out.

29. He makes you two dinner, but you try and take partial credit even though you only washed the dishes.

30. He deals with your patio obsession even in the fall.

31. He tells dumb jokes just to make you laugh.

32. He calls you his best friend to his buddies.

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