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32 Struggles Every McDonald's Employee Has Gone Through

We're hoping you don't order unsalted fries.
32 Struggles Every McDonald's Employee Has Gone Through

If you've ever been a teenager or young adult in need of some extra cash flow (ie. every single one of us), chances are you've worked in either fast food or retail at some point in your life.

While I can't speak on the struggles retail workers must go through (but trust me, I still feel for you guys), I've had my fair share of experience in the fast food business a couple years back, and that experience comes from none other than the all-too-familiar fast food giant that is McDonald's. How many of these oh-so-memorable experiences can my fellow McD's 'alums' relate to?

1. Working at the front counter means you get all the blame for the guys on the grill being suuuper slow.

2. Getting burned by splattered oil or accidentally touching the scorching hot metal from the fry machine.

3. Having to go out and purchase those ugly safety shoes for work (but I mean, at least they've saved you from slipping on that grease on the floor near the fry machine one too many times).

4. Working the evening shift until 11pm means having to wash down and restock everything for the overnight crew (and never really getting to punch out until at least 11:15).

5. There's always that one manager that won't let you take a cancelled order that's already been made for free for your own lunch break... even though they'll probably have to throw it out anyway.

6. Manning the drive-thru in the winter was the worst - and you'd have to politely endure the customers' complaints about having to roll down their window for 5 seconds to pay when you have to stand by an open window for hours.

7. Anxious drive-thru customers that don't seem to understand why they should have to park and wait for their 5-combo order as the cars behind them who only ordered a coffee and muffin get their orders first.

8. Free coffee week. Every McD's employee's most dreaded work week of the year.

9. Trying to make 6 coffees all with different amounts of milk/cream/sugar/sweetener while attempting to keep all the coffee pots perpetually full and also praying you don't accidentally spill anything in your cramped drive-thru area.

10. When a group will come in and order a dozen McFlurries - and even worse, the spoon would spin off or snap while attempting to mix the ice cream and create a mess you'd have to clean up while everyone at front counter stood there and watched.

11. Sometimes when you were short-staffed you would have to take orders from front counter customers while simultaneously punching in orders from drive-thru customers on another screen.

12. And because of #11, customers in drive-thru will rudely talk to you like you're slow because you politely asked them to repeat a part of their order.

13. There were always those seniors who would spend hours in the store and trying to get unlimited coffee refills.

14. Even worse, you'll have the occasional person come in with what is clearly an old used coffee cup from a past visit looking for a refill.

15. People seem to think the person standing isolated in the first-window drive-thru booth taking their order should know exactly how many of each type of muffin are currently available on the other end of the store, and get pissed when you have to later tell them that you've been informed the muffin they want is currently unavailable.

16. Customers who come through the drive-thru high AF at 1 AM and take what feels like 5 years to order.

17. That one fellow employee who must think being chosen for Employee of the Month at a fast food joint is the greatest achievement ever because they will nitpick at everything you do wrong and pride themselves on charging customers for every last BBQ sauce.

18. On the other hand, you'll have that one fellow employee who shows up to work high out of their mind and does everything frustratingly slow - this sucks even more if they're the ones on the grill.

19. Running out in the rain or snow in just a T-shirt on to give parked cars their drive-thru orders... and having to run back in when they ask for something more like extra ketchup packets or napkins.

20. You never seemed to work with anybody for more than a few months because the friends you'd make would all soon quit and move on with their lives.

21. There were always those customers that talked down to you assuming you were a failure in life just because you worked at a fast food joint, when in reality the majority of employees were educated college or university students just trying to make some extra cash to pay for school.

22. Questionable-looking men that would try to flirt with you in the drive-thru because apparently, while on the job taking extensive orders through a headset was a perfectly opportune time to pick a girl up.

23. People explicitly ordering unsalted fresh fries and then demanding why it's taking so long - listen, if you can't wait the 2:30 minutes it takes for us to create a fresh batch of unsalted fries just for you... then unsalted fresh fries are not for you.

24. You will occasionally get that one customer who seems to want to make your life unnecessarily difficult by ordering a Junior Chicken but subbing out the bun, the lettuce, the meat... are you sure you don't want to simply try something else on the menu, buddy?

25. When it's loud in the lobby and you politely ask the customer to repeat their order, and they respond back with the snappiest attitude.

26. When McD's is running a promotion for some kind of Happy Meal toy with a fandom behind it, and you have customers who will have you rifling forever through the bin of toys searching for a specific type as they watch you with anxious expectation in their eyes.

27. Cleaning up massive globs of ketchup from the condiments counter... seriously, who does this to the ketchup dispenser??? Is it kids with yet-undeveloped motor skills? Is it adults who severely overestimate how much ketchup can fit into those little paper cups? We may never know.

28. You probably put on a couple pounds since working there as a result of overindulging in Big Macs and Chicken Nuggets every day for lunch.

29. When people drop their change in the little space between your drive-thru window and their car, and neither of you can get to it so you both just kind of stare down at it awkwardly.

30. You could never make an ice cream cone right - it was always lopsided, or too skinny, or too wide, and then you were running it back to the customer hoping it wouldn't fall apart before you could hand it off.

31. When you ask if they want crispy or grilled chicken, and they respond back with "Um, yeah." Yeah what, fam? Crispy or grilled? Crispy... or... grilled?

32. Attempting to be cheery with customers and telling them to "have a nice day!" with a smile, but they just grab their food from you without looking or speaking to you and walk off. Okay, then. Don't have a nice day. See if I care, jeez.

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