There is no worse feeling than going to a restaurant and getting a shitty meal. Not a single person is about that life. When there are a million amazing restaurants right under your nose, why settle for anything less than fricken amazing?!

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We've compiled a total bucketlist of the most drool-worthy desserts, meals and drinks for every social situation that are sure to satisfy your tastebuds anytime

We broke it down into 3 drool-worthy categories. 


Desserts🍦 🍰 🎂

Meals🍔 🍟 🌮

Drinks🥂 🍺 🍹🥃 🍸

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1. Icecream Tacos from Booyah Inc

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2. Charcoal Black Sesame Waffles from Light Cafe

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3. Cookie Dough Cups from Junked Food Co.


4. Churro Icecream Sandwiches from El Caballito


4. Churro Cones from Pancho's Bakery

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5. Shakes from Peace Treats 

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6. Salted Caramel Cupcakes from Bobette and Belle 

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7. Donuts from San Remo Bakery 

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8. Matcha Soft Serve from TSUJIRI 

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9. Cookie cakes from Cookie Scoop

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10. Profiteroles from Pizza Libretto 

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11. Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes from Mildred's Temple Kitchen 

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1. Kimchi Fries from Moo Frites

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2. Pineapple Fried Rice from Miss Thing's

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3. King Crown Nachos from Sneaky Dees

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4. Baja Fish Tacos from Seven Lives

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5. Go Chuck Yourself from Holy Chuck's

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6. Chicken and Waffles from Dirty Bird

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7. Softshell Crab Sandwich from Fresh Off The Boat

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8. Pepperoni Pizza from North of Brooklyn 

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9. Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict from The Peasant Table 

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10. Poke bowls from Lawai'a Poke 

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11. Ultimate Grilled Cheese from Uncle Betty's

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1. Pretty In Pink from Miss Thing's

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2. The Cure at William's Landing 

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3. The Cookie Monster from Niche Coffee and Tea 

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4. Salted Dark Hot Chocolate from Sweet Jesus

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5. Ube Milkshake from Platito Filipino Soul Food

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6. Assorted Milkshakes from Hollywood Cone

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7. Caesars from The Boil Bar 

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8. Coconut and rum from Patois

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9. The Mystery Bowl from The Shameful Tiki Room

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10. Legit annnnything from Barchef

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11. This sharable shell from Her Majesty's Pleasure