33 Guys With Badass Jobs In Toronto

This city is filled with talent!
33 Guys With Badass Jobs In Toronto

Toronto is known across Canada as being a 'business-oriented' city. People move here from all over the country and even the world to pursue their dreams in tons of different fields of work. 

There's definitely no shortage of incredibly successful entrepreneurs, talented photographers, inspirational fitness trainers and so much more! Anyone can succeed in this city if they set their mind to it and put in the work it takes to get there. 

We already wrote an article highlighting all the amazing women in this city with super badass jobs, now it's time to highlight some of the men that also have crazy badass jobs of their own!

33. Greg O'Gallagher // @gregogallagher

Fitness Author & Trainer

Why He's Badass: Greg has created a simple workout and nutrition guide that teaches both men and women how to get the body of their dreams by killing it at the gym and in the kitchen. He's clearly created an insane physique for himself and is committed to sharing his secret with others and helping them reach their fitness goals as well! 

32. Joey Gollish // @joeygollish

Founder of Mr. Saturday Clothing 

Why He's Badass: Joey has created an amazing clothing line based here in Toronto that sells some pretty stunning pieces. His clothes are created mostly for men but they're easily made unisex and look gorgeous on women as well! 

31. Joe Ghost // @joeghost

DJ and Music Producer

Why He's Badass: Joe is currently killing it in the music industry and repping Toronto at the same time. He just released a brand new album this fall that should be on your next pre-drink playlist if you love electronic music!

30. Christopher Sealy // @crstfr

Head Sommelier at Alo Restaurant 

Why He's Badass: Alo Restaurant is a gorgeous French bistro located in the downtown area. Christopher is their head sommelier and knows his stuff when it comes to wine. 

29. Jose Lopez // @joselopez_fit

Fitness Trainer

Why He's Badass: Jose is seriously killing it in the fitness industry here in Toronto. He's a fitness pro and trainer that posts inspirational fitness pictures as well as videos you can use in the gym on his Instagram account!

28. Shane Vitaly Foran // @shanevitalyforan

Founder of Vitaly Design 

Why He's Badass: Shane has created an amazing company that makes cool and unique accessories and clothing designed for men. They have a located on Queen West that you can visit and take a look at some of the badass pieces he's created so far!

27. Frank Walker // @frankwalkermusic

DJ and Music Producer

Why He's Badass: Frank is an insanely successful DJ and music producer based right here in Toronto! He's been jetting all across the world, playing shows and music festivals and gaining fans and popularity along the way.

26. Romain Avril // @chefromainavril

Executive Chef at Lavelle 

Why He's Badass: Lavelle is a super popular club and restaurant and Romain is the Executive Chef! He creates gorgeous looking dishes that really show of his amazing cooking skills.

25. Abhishek Dekate // @abhishekdekate

Food Photographer

Why He's Badass: If you take a look at Abhishek's Instagram account you can see how truly talented he is. Food photography is definitely not an easy profession but he is really great at what he does and he highlights some of Toronto's top restaurants.

24. Mitch Marner // @marner_93

Hockey Player for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Why He's Badass: I think it's pretty clear why Mitch is killing it right now. He's only 20 years old and he's already playing for one of Canada's top hockey teams and he's making headlines for how well he's been playing in every game so far!

23. Jason Culala // @jasonculala

Barber at The Original Grooming Experts

Why He's Badass: The Original Grooming Experts is a super popular barber shop located in the downtown area. Jason is the owner and one of the top barbers there! 

Photo Credit:@mckaycollective

22. Matty Matheson // @mattymatheson

Chef and Food Instagrammer 

Why He's Badass: Matty created his own successful cooking show on Viceland! He makes some killer meals and he travels around Toronto taking amazing pictures of the best food this city has to offer.

21. Alexander Ross // @a_i_ross

Partner at El Furniture Warehouse and Sweet Jesus

Why He's Badass: Alexander is one of the people that has brought us two of our favourite restaurant/bar/dessert spots! He helped create the super popular chain El Furniture Warehouse and one of the top dessert spots, Sweet Jesus. 

20. Chris Chapheau // @revivcanada

Partner at Reviv Canada

Why He's Badass: Chris is one of the partners at Reviv Canada which is an IV Bar in downtown Toronto. They offer IV Hydration therapies and vitamin boosters that help to rejuvenate your system. 

19. Aaron Alleyne // @allarchie

Bartender at El Furniture Warehouse

Why He's Badass: Aaron was nominated for 'Best Bartender' for the Notable awards for the awesome drinks he makes at El Furniture. If you want a great bar experience you should definitely head there and check it out.

18. Matthew Pasquale // @matthew_pasquale

Owner of Apex Training Centre

Why He's Badass: Matthew owns a super popular gym in Toronto called Apex Training Centre! It's an awesome space for people who are passionate about weightlifting and fitness to workout and meet like-minded individuals. 

17. Harrison // @harrison.music

DJ and Music Producer

Via Harrison

Why He's Badass: Harrison is a DJ and Music Producer located right here in Toronto. He's been gaining popularity of the last few years due to his unique sound and amazing performances.

16. Mathew Guido // @mathewguido


Why He's Badass: Mathew is a super talented photographer right here in Toronto. He shoots mostly fashion and beauty shots and you can take a look at his skills on his stunning Instagram page!

15. Adrian Niman // @chefadrianniman

Chef at The Food Dudes

Why He's Badass: Adrian has Michelin-Star training and has since created a huge business based right here in Toronto. The Food Dudes offers amazing culinary experiences through catering, food trucks, restaurants, and fundraisers.

14. Daniel Morad // @danielmorad

Race Car Driver

Why He's Badass: Daniel has a whole lot of impressive things going on right now. He's a famous race car driver but he's also an aspiring DJ, photographer and entrepreneur! 

13. Mazen El-Abdallah // @mazenstudio

Interior Designer

Why He's Badass: Mazen created his own interior design company based here in Toronto. He creates fresh and exciting spaces all across North America!

12. Dwayne Delves // @chosenboss

CEO at Body By Chosen Inc.

Why He's Badass: Body By Chosen is a super successful fitness and personal training company that works to help people realize their fitness goals. It's all about hard work and dedication at this gym!

11. Mr. Koo // @release852

Tattoo Artist

Why He's Badass: Mr. Koo is a tattoo artist at Ink and Water Tattoo parlour in Toronto. He makes incredibly delicate and beautiful tattoos that are stunning pieces of art! 

10. Cameron Wilson // @untitleddaddy

Creative Director and Founder of Untitled & Co.

Why He's Badass: Cameron is the creative director and founder of Untitled & Co. fashion company. They create super cool streetwear for both men and women!

9. Rejean Chiasson // @coachrejean

Head Coach & Founder of Pace & Mind

Why He's Badass: Rejean is the head coach and the founder of Pace & Mind, a company that pushes runners to reach their goals. They do group runs that are open to all levels of runners!

8. Brxson // @brxson


Why He's Badass: If you're looking for a stunning account with amazing pictures of Toronto, this is definitely it. You'll find gorgeous pictures of the city skyline here that are completely unique!

7. Scoot Mason // @scootscootmason

Tattoo Artist

Why He's Badass: Scoot does some pretty killer tattoos here in Toronto and he even owns his own tattoo space! If you're looking for a badass tattoo, this is definitely the place to go.

6. Jack Crawford // @james_a_crawford

Olympic Alpine Skier

Why He's Badass: Jack is just 20 years old and is currently representing Canada in the Olympic Games! He's a super talented alpine skier and his older sister Candace is also on the Olympic team as well.

5. Sanjay Chauhan // @jayeffex

Why He's Badass: Sanjay is a super talented photographer based her in Toronto. If you follow his account you'll get your daily dose of city appreciation through his stunning photographs!

4. Paul Poirier // @pauldpoirier

Olympic Figure Skater

Why He's Badass: Paul is currently in South Korea representing Canada in ice dance right now! He's originally from Toronto where he and his partner, Piper, train and compete. 

3. Jack Greystone // @jackgreystone


Why He's Badass: Jack is a super successful model for all kinds of campaigns like cologne, suits, and more! He is also a logo-maker and photographer.

2. Anthony Rose // @chefanthonyrose


Why He's Badass: Anthony is one of the top chef's at Toronto's Rose and Sons restaurant. They have multiple locations all specializing in delicious plates!

1. Drake // @champagnepapi

World Famous Musician 

Why He's Badass: Well, it wouldn't be a Toronto list without the mention of the top artist to come out of this city. Drake definitely has the most badass job in all of Toronto, and he continues to make Toronto even more famous with every album he puts out.