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33 Ways Living In Toronto Will Change You Forever

Photo cred - Alisdair Jones

If you ever find yourself leaving this fair city (not by choice, obviously), you'll notice that you're not like folks in other places. You've got a whole set of quirks and character traits you didn't have  before you moved here, all courtesy of the 6.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just means you're carrying Toronto with you wherever you go. That's kind of beautiful, isn't it? Even if everyone you meet thinks you're a pretentious Toronto asshole.

1. Every time you see a dime, you'll instinctively check to make sure it's not a token.

Them shits are expensive.

2. Every time someone mentions a place, you'll find yourself calculating the best route to it on the TTC

To streetcar, or not to streetcar?

3. You'll always feel some kinda way about Drake.

And no one around you will understand.

4. You'll become really aggressive about delineating what's actual Toronto and what's not

Barry is not a part of Toronto!

5. You'll always get distracted watching T.V. because everything is filmed in Toronto

Everyone will get sick of you pointing out buildings and their addresses all the time.

6. You'll always associate any Queen Street you hear about with hipsters

They sure can take a place over.

7. You'll get really sick of any city where you can't get burritos anywhere, anytime

Burritos are a part of your blood now.

8. You'll be really disappointed if you walk into a bar and it's just a bar.

What? No jukebox? No arcade games? What's the point of this place?

9. You'll always expect to find people ready to party every weekend

There are places in the world where that's not really a thing.

10. You'll always assume "going to the park" means "drinking"

What else are parks for?

11. You'll always come back to Kensington Market every time your $5 sunglasses break

They're just too cute and too cheap to let go.

12. You'll become a beer snob

You'll have gone to too many brew pubs and tasted too many craft beers not to

13. You'll become really responsible

No more staring at the computer until 2am on Wednesday night for you!

14. You'll be all about working out

After spending a few years here, there's no way the fitness culture won't seep into your system

15. You'll never be able to live in a city with shitty Chinese food again

When you've had the best, how could you live with the rest?

16. You'll get bored after a couple of days in a small town

How can there actually be so little to do?

17. You won't be able to sleep without the sound of ambulances screaming by, or without a little bit of light shining in through your window

Big city life.

18. You'll always think driving is a waste of time

Even in cities where it makes perfect sense.

19. You will love dogs

If you're some kind of monster who didn't love them before.

20. You'll always be confused if there's no big event happening on any given weekend

Toronto spoils us.

21. You'll be very conscious of people's shoes

There are some fine ass shoes in this city.

22. It'll take a lot to phase you

Oh, that dude just dropped his pants and started pissing in broad daylight. Been there, done that.

23. You'll develop an immunity to all diseases

Can you even imagine how contaminated those subway poles are?

24. You'll be obsessed with hockey wherever you go

It just gets into your system.

25. You'll get really bored if you don't have at least five major things going on in your life at a time

Toronto don't know how to chill.

26. You'll always be good at budgeting

When you've had to pay $133 for the TTC every month, you learn a thing or two about handling money

27. You'll become an expert at long commutes

Pfft, if you can handle getting from the Danforth to Etobicoke, you can handle anything.

28. You'll get into the habit of scheduling time with people

It's burned into you now.

29. You'll always layer

Who knows if it's going to be unexpectedly windy and cold on any given day.

30. You'll become meticulous about your eyebrows

Because you're used to eyebrows being a big deal.

31. You'll always have an aggressive hatred of Justin Bieber

Because you're tired of people who aren't from Toronto thinking that he is.

32. You'll never complain about rent again

Unless you move to New York.

33. You'll always be down for new experiences

This city is chock full of 'em!

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