34 Presents From The 90s You Will Never Forgive Your Parents For Not Getting You

90's toys are everything.

Every 90's kid will argue that the toys from their childhoodwere the best there ever was. Being up to date with the newest and coolest releases was important as a 90's kid because you didn't want to be the only one in your class who missed out on a great toy. So, you could only imagine the heartbreak kids experienced when they opened their presents on Christmas day and they didn't end up getting the toy they wished for.

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Here are 34 presents form the 90s you will never forgive your parents for not getting you:

Easy Bake Oven

Photo cred - goodhousekeeping


Gameboy Color

Polly Pocket


Sky Dancers

Photo cred - etsy

Nintendo 64

Mouse Trap


Bop It

Talkback Dear Diary

Photo cred - Tumblr

Super Nintendo

Tech Decks

Power Rangers Megazords

Pokemon Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Photo cred - /tg/

Transformers Beast Wars



Spice Girls Dolls


Photo cred - Pinterest

Hit Clips

Power Wheels




Photo cred - YouTube

The Sims

Polaroid Camera

Photo credi - danfinnen

Guess Who?

Buzz Lightyear


Photo cred -guff

Street Sharks

Micro Machines

Astro Jax

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