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37 Bucket List Things To Do In Toronto This Summer 2017

Every summer has a story. What will yours be?
37 Bucket List Things To Do In Toronto This Summer 2017

What time is it? Summer time! You know what that means? The lazy days of summer are almost upon us. Once you've had your fill of lazy days, you'll be itching for an adventure. It's the perfect time to discover or rediscover the hidden gems of Toronto.

If coming up with your own bucket list is too difficult, we've done all hard the work for you! All you have to do is get out there and start exploring! 

1. It's patio season! Head to The Porch or expand your territory and explore some new patios this summer.

2. Stuff your face at one of the many food festivals this summer. Rumour has it there's a free beer and food festival coming to Toronto for Canada's 150th. There's also a pizza festival. Enough said.

3. Challenge yourself to hit up all the free events in Toronto, or as many as you can. We love cheap thrills! 

4. Take your ice cream tasting to the next level. If you want to try something other than Sweet Jesus, make it your mission to find that perfect new ice cream spot. 

5. Release your inner flower child at Wayhome. If you're not a fan of the Wayhome lineup, there's also the Big Feastival featuring music and food. 

6. Branch out of the music festival scene and go to the dog festival happening in Liberty Village. 

7. Go on a doggy date at the Dog Cafe Munchies Coffee House and BARKery.  

7. Grab your friends and go bar hopping on Queen Street West.

8. Tear up the d-floor at The Dance Cave.

9. Grab a pint at some of the best brewerie spots in Toronto.

10. Plan a beach day at Bluffer's Beach for some fun in the sun. 

11. Escape the sand with one of Toronto's poolside bars. Cabana here we come! 

12. Go cycling on Toronto Island. 

13. Get the best of both worlds with a Jerk Chicken Jamaican Panini from Rasta Pasta.

14. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a stacked toast cake at Petit Potato. 

15. Go hunting for famous Toronto landmarks (the CN Tower counts). 

16. Take advantage of the sweet flight deals from Toronto to Iceland and go for a weekend trip.

17. Explore all of the amazing restaurants in Kensington Market.

18.  Get zen at the Allan Gardens or the Donnelly Centre.

19. Go hiking at the Scarborough Bluffs with your significant other. 

20. Have a photoshoot in graffiti alley with your BFF. 

21. Get the perfect bathroom mirror selfie on King St W (it's all about the perfect lighting). 

22. Go to a concert at the Massey Hall, even if the Harry Styles tickets cost a full year's tuition. *sobs* 

23. Go play at STRYKE, the adult playground in Toronto that lets you drink and play with weapons. 

24. Totally geek out at the anime cafe Akiba Kissa. 

25. Take a day drip to Kariya Park and pretend you're in a Japan. 

26. Escape the stress of the city and explore the quaint Jordan Village.

27. Put that Parks Canada Discovery Pass to good use and check out some National Parks.

28. Get your gyro fix at Halal Guys on Yonge and Wellesley. 

29. Have the ultimate adult summer camp experience at Camp No Counselors.

30. Escape from Hogwarts in the Harry Potter Escape Room.

31. Grab a refreshing (and hipster) bubble tea at Royaltea.

32. Dress in your best rainbow attire and join the Pride Parade (June 25th). 

33. Spend a night in the trees in the most epic treehouse just outside Toronto.

34. Beat the heat at the best waterparks Ontario has to offer.

35. Play with fire at Toronto's glass blowing studio.

36. Go for a road trip through Ontario's prettiest towns.

37. And even if you think the CNE is over rated, it's always included on a Toronto summer bucket list. 

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