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40 Girls With Badass Jobs In Toronto

Empowered women, empower women!
40 Girls With Badass Jobs In Toronto

Toronto has been known by many as the New York City of Canada, and with that kind of a title, the city attracts some pretty talented people. From dancers and singers to business moguls, even makeup artists and authors, there is a massive range of talent the city holds, especially if you are looking at Toronto women. With that kind of talent comes some pretty cool jobs these women end up working as their typical 9-5.

So whether you are looking for inspiration or are just curious, you are sure to be feeling inspired after checking out these women and their ventures. From neuroscientists to singers, we've covered all of the most interesting Toronto women with some pretty badass jobs in the city. Get ready to read up on some incredible home-grown talent that's been hiding right under your nose!

Girls With Badass Restaurant/Nightlife Jobs

Girls With Badass Beauty Jobs

Girls With Badass 'Girl Boss' Jobs

Girls With Badass Art Jobs

Girls With Badass Business Jobs

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Meimei Robbins // @meimei_robbins


via @meimei_robbins

Meimei is a chef over at Super Point Ossington and is incredible at what she does. Whether it's a pasta dish or classic pizza, if you've got a craving for some carbs, she'll serve up the perfect meal to satisfy anyones growling stomach!

Chef Janet Hoediono // @j_hoeds


via @j_hoeds

Janet is a chef over at Patria, and while her own creations will have your mouth watering, so will her Instagram feed. She is constantly eating at the most incredible restos and eating the most delicious looking food, fit to impress a chef!

Lynn Crawford // @rubywatchco

Chef and TV judge

via @serena4pr

Lynn Crawford is a big wig in the Toronto food scene. Not only was she an executive chef at both the Four Seasons in Toronto and New York, but she now has her own restaurant! The resto opened in 2010 and continues to impress visitors. In between the hustle she is a regular judge on Chopped Canada!

Lee Lilla // @leelilla


via @kzmagency

Lee Lilla's personality as a chef lives up to her Instagram bio: "don't be basic." Lee is currently a chef over at The Drake's latest addition to their line of spots around the city, The Drake Commissary. Expect some incredible homey eats at this spot that you could share with friends, but you definitely won't want to!

Paula Navarette // @pnmejia


via @pnmejia

Paula is a chef at Momofuku Daishō and is constantly switching it up. Whether it's a seafood pancake or a delicious serving of rum raisin ice cream, her creations keep you on your toes but you can always count on them being absolutely delicious!

Alexandra Feswick // @chefalexandraf

Chef via @chefalexandraf

Alexandra Feswick is a chef at none other than the Drake Hotel! If you've been to the Drake, then you already know this girl has definitely got some serious talent considering I've never heard of anyone having a bad meal at that spot!

Rossy Earle // @pancancooks

Chef and owner of SupiCucú

via @pancancooks

Rossy Earle was born and raised in Panama City, but when she made the move to Toronto, she definitely didn't forget to include where she came from in her culinary career. She focuses on merging Latin American flavours as much as she can and combining it with the Canadian culture she currently enjoys nwo that she lives in the city. Currently she has two different hot sauces on the market from her company, SupiCucú.

Charlotte Langley // @chefcharlottelangley


via @chefcharlottelangley

Charlotte has got a ton of things going on in the culinary world at just 33. Not only is she a buyer and stylist for Top Chef Canada and a culinary curator for Restaurants Canada, but she has also created a sustainable seafood company named Scout Canning.

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Christine Leigh Aonso // @eyesonyoulashstudio

Lash technician

via @eyesonyoulashstudio

Eye lash extensions have been all the rage these past few years, but if you get a bad set it can wreck havock on your lash line. Luckily Christine offers some of the best lashes in the GTA! From using the highest quality materials as well as her unlimited lash count, she's earned praise from tons of Torontonians!

Tatchee // @tatchee

Makeup artist

via @tatchee

Tatchee serves some unbelievable looks on her Instagram and is practically the queen of a classic beat. From her poppin' highlight to her lust worthy lashes, she is constantly sporting the hottest trends that you'll find yourself trying to recreate in your bathroom!

Mika // @makeuplicious_by_mika

Makeup artist

via @makeuplicious_by_mika

Mika is the makeup artist you wish you had for your prom! She has mastered all kinds of glam, from light beat to full glam but her strong suit is definitely her ability to add a bit of creativity to her full glam looks without it being too overbearing! Whether it's a touch of glitter or a bold lip, she is always changing it up!

Irene Sy // @irenesymakeup

Makeup artist

via @irenesymakeup

Irene Sy is an insanely talented makeup artist who has worked on countless projects, from high fashion to working with celebrities like Meghan Markle! If you are into the more natural or editorial kinds of make up looks, you've got to check her out!

Maggie Maeh  // @maggiemaehhair

Hair dresser

via @maggiemaehhair

You can find Maggie Maeh styling and dying hair at Parlour Salon Ossington and as you can see from the picture above, her creativity knows no boundaries! Whether you are willing to don cotton candy inspired locks or want something more on the natural side, she's got you covered!

Sara Hamson // @sarahamson

Co owner and stylist

via @sarahamson

Sara Hamson has some unbelievable talent when it comes to dying and styling hair. Whether you want something super bold, or want a bold colour that somehow still manages to look low key- she doesn't just do it, she does it better than anyone else in the city ever could!

Grace Lee // @graceleebeauty

Makeup artist

via @graceleebeauty

Grace Lee isn't your average makeup artist, she's the lead makeup artist for Maybelline New York! She's worked with Victoria Secret angel Josephine Skriver as well as countless other celebrities. She's like a Canadian version of Makeup by Mario!

Dana // @hairbydanaelyse

Hair dresser

via @hairbydanaelyse

Judging by Dana's Instagram, it's pretty clear she is the queen of wild hair colouring. From vibrant purples to anything under the sun that you could dream of- she's probably got it featured as a style she's done on her page! Any lover of a bold hair colour should definitely hit her up ASAP.

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Dani Roche // @daniesque

Editor in chief

via @daniesque

Dani Roche is the editor in chief at Kastor & Pollux, a Toronto digital and experiences agency where you can find inspo and info on just about anything from beauty to home decor!

Bianca Harris // @iambiancaharris

Founder and CEO of WIPP

via @iambiancaharris

Bianca Harris is the definition of a 'Girl Boss.' She's both the founder and CEO of WIPP, 'Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose.' The company focuses on impactful events and content that focuses on topics ranging from mental health, body image and career cultivation to sexuality!

Julia Hamer // @juliahamer


via @juliahamer

Julia Hamer has got beauty and brains! She's living out all of out Grey's Anatomy fantasies as a neuroscientist over at St. Michael's Hospital. Not only is she incredible smart and talented, but she's using her talent to help save lives!

Andrea Anders // @andersands

Vice President of Faulhaber Communications

via @andersands

Andrea is VP of Faulhaber Communications, a huge public relations and communications company in the city. They've worked with massive brands such as Charlotte Tilbury and Dermalogica, as well as chic clothing brands like Ted Baker.

Alison Lawler-Dean // @allield

Vice president of Rethink Breast Cancer's marketing team

via @allield

Alison plays a huge role in tons of the marketing campaigns that happen around the city. Employed at Flowwater Marketing and Communications, she's constantly working on projects and events. Though if there is one specific marketing area she's known for, it's definitely the Rethink Breast Cancer marketing team which she is the Vice President of!

Erin Bury //  @erinbury

88 Creative managing director, co-founder of County Wine Tours

via @erinbury

Not only is Erin Bury a managing director at 88 Creative, but she's also a co founder of County Wine Tours! When she isn't partaking in the wine business, she's usually managing and helping start ips, technology firms and large brands looking for a new audience! Plus she was retweeted by Oprah (that's a REALLY big deal ok?!)

Melissa Austria // @msgotstyle

Founder of Gotstyle

via @msgotstyle

Ever wished you could dress your boyfriend because he's got worse fashion sense than Justin Bieber in 2010? Melissa turned that dream into a reality when she opened GotStyle! It's a company dedicated to helping men dress better and they've got a ton of sharp pieces that will definitely take your guy's look to the next level.

Sangita Patel // @sangita.patel

TV host and personality

via @sangita.patel

You've probably seen Sangita Patel on your TV at some point in the past few years. Not only is she a host on ET Canada but she also hosts HGTV's Home to Win! While her roster of TV experience is already considerable, she shows no signs of stopping- so this definitely won't be the last time you see or hear about her!

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Sabby Sousa // @sabbysousa


via @sabbysousa

Sabby Sousa is an up and coming Toronto artist that is giving the current pop stars in the game a run for their money. Her current released tracks "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Cloud Boy" have drummed up some considerable hype for her future album that is still in the works. Until then we'll have her two singles on repeat!

Bianca Scarlato // @theresbianca

Photographer and content creator

via @theresbianca

Bianca Scarloto is tearing up the photography game right now. From her candid shots to her style, she's the perfect person to follow if you want some photo and style inspo. Plus she's photographed big wigs from hometowners Daniel Caeser and Jessie Reyez to Schoolboy Q!

Daniella Beca // @daniellabeca

Blog editor and Author

via @daniellabeca

Daniella Beca isn't just a blog editor but also has her own published book! "I'm Not Blue Anymore" is a series of poetry that the Canadian author penned back in 2015. The poems covering topics from self love and finding peace to mending a broken heart!

Ruby Benson // @ragsxruby

Creative Director and model

via @ragsxruby

If you scroll through Ruby's Instagram, it's pretty clear the girl has got a creative eye, and trust me when I say you aren't the only one who will have noticed. The successful creative director as worked with massive names from Nordstrom and Converse to Puma and Soho House!

Tanisha Scott // @tanishascott

Dancer and Choreographer

via @tanishascott

If you think Tanisha looks eerily familiar, it's probably because you spotted her in Drake's Hotline Bling music video! She was the Toronto rapper's dance partner in the massive video but that's not the only notch she's got on her belt. As a dance choreographer she's worked with other massive names such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Sean Paul!

Rupi Kaur //@rupikaur_


via @rupikaur_

Let's be real, you probably already know who Rupi Kaur is. The UWaterloo graduate went on to self-publish her first poetry book, milk and honey, which won the heart of readers across the globe. Since then she has published another book, the sun and her flowers, and continues to inspire fellow Canadian writers!

Lisa Canning // @lisacanning

Interior design director

via @lisacanning

If you are ever looking for some design inspo, look no further than the #lisacanninginteriors hashtag on Instagram. The mother of six and interior design director somehow manages to raise her kids while simultaneously helping other moms completely transform their living spaces into spaces that look like they're straight off of Pinterest!

Hannah Fischer // @hannahfischer94

National Ballet of Canada dancer

via @hannahfischer94

Hannah Fischer isn't just a dancer, she's a dancer for the National Ballet of Canada. The 23-year-old has danced in shows across the globe and has taken part in shows from Swan Lake to Pinnochio!

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Ashley Lemmon // @ashlem

Owner and founder of Nora

via @ashlem

If you haven't heard of Ashley Lemmon, you've definitely seen her swimwear on Instagram. She's the 22-year-old founder of Nora, a company focused on creating some absolutely gorgeous swimsuits. Not only does Nora offer some stunning styles, but they've got an extremely inclusive size range, carrying anything from a 0 to 14!

Heather Payne // @heatherpayne

Founder of HackerYou and Ladies Learn To Code

via @heatherpayne

Heather Payne is a techy who has made a massive impact in Toronto's tech scene, specifically in regards to getting fellow women interested in technology! She is the founder of HackerYou and Ladies Learn To Code and aims to educate people on computer technology in a world that is becoming more digital with every passing day!

Vanessa Vakharia // @themathguru

Founder and CEO of The Math Guru

via @themathguru

Vanessa Vakharia is the self-proclaimed math guru, and don't take her title lightly! She owns a successful math and science studio in the city that is centred around not only boosting marks and building confidence but also breaking stereotypes!

Jennifer Doll // @thejenniferdoll

CEO and Director of G of G Inc

via @thejenniferdoll

Jennifer Doll is the CEO and director of G of G. Established in 2009, G of G is a staffing agency that has worked for names like the Breast Cancer Foundation, The Toronto Academy of Dentistry, Fallsview Casino, MTV, LCBO, The Beer Store and Smirnoff!

Christine Faulhaber // @cf_faulhaber

Founder and CEO of Faulhaber Communications

via @cf_faulhaber

Christine Faulhaber is the brain behind Faulhaber Communications, a Toronto based public relations and communications company. Faulhaber has worked with massive brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Ted Baker and Dermalogica!

Emily Lyons // @emilylyoness

Owner of Femme Fatale

via @emilylyoness

Emily Lyons is the owner of Femme Fatale, one of the most prominent promotional model agency in the city! Founded in 2009, Femme Fatale has collaborated with massive names like Warner Bros Canada and Playboy!

Lisa Dinh //@lisathidinh

Owner and operator of Lisa Dinh hair studio

via @lisathidinh

Lisa Dinh isn't just a hairstylist. She took her passion into her own hands by opening her own hair studio which she is currently the owner and operator of! Whether you are looking for a fresh new look or just a trim, Lisa Dinh hair studio is a fantastic choice for your next hair re-vamp!

Mary Young // @itsmaryyoung

Designer/Founder of Mary Young Lingerie

via @itsmaryyoung

Mary Young is the brain behind Mary Young Lingerie, a Canadian lingerie brand dedicated to ethically producing all of their pieces locally! Mary is both the designer and founder of the project and uses her platform and company to promote self love and acceptance through her brand!

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