There are so many beautiful places around the world that need to be photographed. We have media platforms and the internet to thank for providing us with the opportunity to share moments we capture with our friends.

Photographs of notable landscapes and skyscrapers are always circulating all over social media, but remarkably most of them are taken at ground level. Sometimes I think to myself, "I wish I was a bird." It would be great to set free, fly around and see the aerial views our world has to offer. Thankfully we have these pictures to give us an idea of a bird's eye view. Take a look and imagine being high up in the sky looking down at our beautiful earth.

1. Aichi,Japan.

2. Maui,Hawaii. (USA)

3. Istanbul,Turkey.

Photo cred - @beautiful_scenary21

4. Rio de Janeiro,Brasil.

5. Mindanao,Philippines.

6. Maldives.

7. Reykjavik,Iceland.

8. Nassau,Bahamas.

9. Phoenix,USA.

10. Dusseldorf,Germany.

11. Moscow,Russia.

Photo cred - @aleksandradaf

12. Kamchatka,Russia.

13. Siberia,Russia.

14. SeaTac,USA.

Photo cred - @tenzingangjuk


 16. Mumbai,India.

17. Oslo,Norway.

Photo cred - @queenieamazing

18. Sydney,Australia.

19. Naples,Italy.

20. Sucre,Bolivia.

21. Dakar,Senegal.

22. Rhodes,Greece.

Photo cred - @alenpalander

23. Dubai,United Arab Emirates.

23. Chicago,USA.

24. Singapore.

25. Lisbon,Portugal.

26. Volusia County,USA.

Photo cred - @betty_alexandra

27. White Horse,Canada.

28. New York City,USA.

29. Paris,France.

Photo cred - @vacm

30. Salt Lake City,USA.

31. Mexico City,Mexico.

32. Cancun,Mexico.

33. Las Vegas,USA.

34. Manchester,England.

Photo cred - @aniyaj

35. London,England.

36. Kalimantan,Indonesia.

37. Bangkok,Thailand.

38. Toronto,Canada.

39.Queenstown,New Zealand.

Photo cred - @eduardocabredo

40. Tanzania,Africa.